Nordic Skiing

40th Annual Bering Strait District Ski Meet

March 24, 2018 -- After a long day of travel delays and weather holds, the Stebbins Nordic Ski team arrived at White Mountain on Thursday for the Bering Strait Junior/Senior High Cross-Country Ski and Biathlon Championship just in time for the starting gun!

In the Cross-Country Ski championship, the junior high competitors race 3.5 kilometers (2.17 miles) and the high schoolers race for 5.4 km (3.36 miles).

This is a long, difficult race, and it is not uncommon to see a 20- or even 30-minute time gap between the lead group and the final group to make it to the end of the race. Some skiers do not make it to the end. All of our Stebbins starters crossed finish line:

Junior High

Girls - Arieanna Jack & Karla Henry

Boys - Jeri Dan, Jarel Tom, Gregory Paul, Emery Lockwood & Kevin Tom

High School

Girls - Madelyn Nashoanak

Skiing with Heart from Start to Finish!

“Our skiers don’t get much practice on good snow and on big hills. They all showed tremendous heart by attacking the uphill climbs and maneuvering on the downhills. I am proud of every skier for pushing through the tough parts and finishing every race.”

-- Coach Braxton Cox

Madelyn Nashoanak - With heart and smile!

On Friday, the skiers headed to the rifle range after breakfast for a marksmanship competition. Each participant shot 2 rounds of 5 shots each. Everyone was able to hit at least one target. Madelyn earned a bronze medal in the HS girls competition for her score of 11 points.

In the afternoon, the shooting continued as part of the biathlon race. The skiers started with a grueling climb to the rifle range and after shooting five shots continued on their skis for the remainder of the 2.7 km (1.68 miles) loop.

Madelyn Nashoanak (left) poses with her Bronze Medal

After bypassing the finish line, they made one more climb to the rifle range for another round of shooting, before racing to the finish. Again, all of our Stebbins starters crossed the finish line.

Jeri Dan shaved almost 10 minutes off of his cross-country race time from last year and Gregory Paul finished almost 5 minutes faster than last year. Karla Henry received a special medal for hitting all 10 targets during the biathlon race.

Congratulations Grizzly racers!

Kevin Tom - Attacking the tough parts!

Karla Henry's Biathlon 10/10 Marksmanship Medal