Girls Basketball

March Madness 2018


Cheers to our Lady Grizzlies for clawing all the way to the State Championship for the first time in 30 years!

Way to go Grizzlies – you make us PROUD!

In what would be their final game of the 2018 State Championships, the Lady Grizzlies lost to the Kake Thunderbirds from Southeast Alaska, 42-47, ending their championship run. Tournament standouts include Shea Matthias, Serena Martin, Renae Matthias, Heidi Tom and Celeste Katcheak.

"The girls lost by 5, but played their hearts out to the end! They will finish the season with an 18-5 record, so they have a whole lot to be proud of." --Coach Gleissner Leusch

Friday, March 16 against Kake

Thursday, March 15 against New Stuyahok

Wednesday, March 14 against Tri-Valley

For detailed competition information visit ASAA March Madness Alaska.

Photos courtesy of Small School Broadcasting and Promotions.