Secondary Ed 7-12

English Language Arts

Jaimie Gleissner Leusch

My name is Jaimie Gleissner and I grew up in Rochelle, Illinois (a small farm town in the northern part of the state).

After graduating from Illinois State University in 2010, I decided to take a summer job at Yes Bay Lodge, just outside of Ketchikan, Alaska. This experience made me fall in love with the state and living remotely. Upon earning my second degree in Publishing Studies, I knew I wanted to be back in Alaska as soon as possible.

Little did I know, the desire to be in Alaska would lead me to the wonderful village of Stebbins. This will be my 4th year teaching and coaching girls basketball (Go Grizzlies!). Last year my husband (Eric Leusch) and I lived here over the summer and were able to fish and gather greens, herring eggs, and berries!

In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, crocheting, watching and playing sports, and being outside. Hiking, fishing, snowshoeing, and camping are some of my favorite activities.

Industrial Arts

My name is Andrew Larsen. I live in Yakutat Alaska. I have been teaching in Alaska for ten years. I graduated from Southern Utah University with a B.S. degree in education.

I have minors in Art and Biology and I have also worked many years in the automotive industry.

I am very excited to come to Stebbins to teach industrial arts. Also having lived in the Aleutians teaching for 3 years and Yakutat for 7 years I have been lucky to observe the Aleut and Tlingit Haida cultures. I am looking forward to a new year of education and Alaska adventure.

Andrew Larsen


Chris Weeks

I grew up in New Jersey where my sisters and I enjoyed mountains, woods, NY City and the real Jersey shore. My parents taught us to ski, camp, draw and shoot archery. I then studied engineering in Illinois and worked on power plants until leaving for the more rewarding challenge of raising my children, Lauren, Dani and Nick. We moved to Texas where I learned, and loved, to teach. I skied on water, not snow and learned to sail. We owned a coffee house where my children worked and where many students came to chat, listen to music and play games. I love board games and brainteasers!

My son lives in Philadelphia where I earned my MS in education. Go Drexel Dragons! During the summer I lived with my sweet-heart, Jason, in a small town north of the city, Perkiomenville – a Lenni-Lenape name meaning cranberries. We’d kayak and fish in a creek running through the backyard. Herons, eagles, frogs, and lots of other creatures live there too. Through a conservancy I worked with children to explore the life it holds. A trail runs along the stream. It goes 45 miles, all the way to Philly, through woods, towns and farmland. I enjoy riding, running or just strolling on the trail. This year Jason & I moved our summer home to Missouri where my daughters and grandkids are. We had fun exploring new trails and ponds and lots of other great things to do with them. There is even a drive-in movie!

I’ve been fortunate to have many wonderful experiences, including teaching in Stebbins 2 years. I learned so much! I’m excited about my third year with the remarkable people here in the village.


This will be my 7th year teaching in Alaska and having a great time. I have been a school teacher for 14 years.

Before teaching, I have done a multitude of things including owning an electric car company and a paintball field.

I have 4 children and 8 grandchildren. My interests include hunting, fishing, camping, travel, cooking, and doing experiments.

Lon Gillas

Social Science

Matthew Dawkins

Matthew grew up in Portland, Oregon but spent many summers visiting his family in Ketchikan, Alaska. These visits are what eventually inspired him to look for a job teaching in this great state.

Matt went to college in Oklahoma where he met Mrs. Micala. He earned his undergraduate degree in History and Pre-Law at Oklahoma Christian University and his Masters in Teaching at Harding University.

This will be his third year teaching at Stebbins, and his second year of teaching history.

Writing and Art

The 2017-18 school year is my seventh year teaching with the Bering Strait School District. Previously my wife and I have taught in Savoonga and Golovin and we are both very happy to be here in Stebbins.

I was raised in Texas went to school there and worked as a Systems Engineer for 23 years before coming to Alaska to teach in the rural villages.

We’ve seen many wonderful sights here in Alaska, met fantastic families and students and look forward to being here many years to come.

David Herrmann

Secondary Para Educators

Camillus Pete

I grew up in Stebbins, AK. I have worked at Stebbins School going on ten years.

Before I got a permanent position at the school, I worked as a substitute aide. I also worked as a seafood processor.

What I like most about working here is the environment.

When I’m not working at the school I like camping, hunting, and boating.

This year I’m looking forward to having fun.

Hi!!! :)

Micala grew up in the south central Missouri area. Most of her summers were spent outside playing in the woods, rivers, and caves. She spent a lot of time reading and playing outside at her grandparents’ house.

She attended High School in rural Missouri and moved to Oklahoma to attend college at Oklahoma Christian University. While she was there she met Mr. Dawkins. She graduated with a degree in Animation and Gaming in April 2013. A few months later she and Mr. Dawkins where married in August 2013.

Ms. Micala has worked at two different Walmart stores as a Sales Associate in many different areas of store. She has also worked as a secretary at a financial office. She uses the computer skills she learned in college to work as the technical liaison for the school. Her favorite Alaskan hobbies are sewing qaspeqs and processing fish from the salmon net in the summer.

Micala Dawkins