Battle of the Books Headquarters

2018-2019 Battle of the Books

For more details, or to join the fun, contact your school librarian or your teacher. Teachers and staff may enter the Coaches Closet or contact BSSD Media for more information.

2018-2019 Battle of the Books Results

3/4 Grade

1st Place: The Predators (Unalakleet) State Qualifier

2nd Place: Little Wolves (White Mountain)

3rd Place: 4th Grade Team 2 (Shaktoolik)

3rd Place: Cheap Skates (Unalakleet)

7/8 Grade

1st Place: The Stormlings (St. Michael) State Qualifier

2nd Place: Bookworms (Unalakleet)

2nd Place: Not Fast, Just Furious (Unalakleet)

3rd Place: Elim

3rd Place: Kigiqtaq (Shishmaref)

5/6 Grade

1st Place: The Bohos (Unalakleet) State Qualifier

2nd Place: Dateliners (Diomede)

3rd Place: Wolf Emojis (Unalakleet)

3rd Place: 6th Graders (White Mountain)

High School

1st Place: Qughsatkut (Gambell) State Qualifier

2nd Place: Koyuk Malemutes

3rd Place: Frank A. Degnan High (Unalakleet)


1st Place: Unalakleet

2nd Place: Savoonga

3rd Place: Shishmaref

3rd Place: St. Michael

1st Grade

1st Place: Unalakleet Wolfpups

2nd Place: White Mountain Wolves

3rd Place: Stebbins Grizzlies

3rd Place: Shishmaref Northern Lights

2nd Grade

1st Place: Unalakleet Wolfpack Academy

2nd Place: St. Michael The Storm

2nd Place: Stebbins Grizzly Cubs

3rd Place: Shishmaref Northern Lights

State Battle of the Books competition Results

3rd/4th Grade: The Predators (Unalakleet) - 17th Place

5th/6th Grade: The Bohos (Unalakleet) - 3rd Place

Middle School: The Stormlings (St. Michael) - 13th Place

High School: Koyuk Malemutes - 21st Place


Congratulations to the teams who represented our district at the State Battle of the Books competitions from the 21st to the 27th. All categories had more than 20 teams, and many had over 30 teams - each of which were the champions for their school districts. Our teams represented the district very well. Great job to all students!

In Bering Strait School District alone, we had 125 students compete in the 3rd-12th grades and 218 students compete in the K-2nd grades. Thank you all students, coaches, parents and administrators who continue to support Battle of the Books! We have K-2nd grade District Battles taking place this week. I will send those results after final battles take place tomorrow afternoon. I have really enjoyed working with each of you this year.

What is Battle of the Books?


It takes a team of four dedicated students within an age group. The team is composed of:

  • A leader
  • A spokesperson
  • A scribe
  • An alternate


The Alaska Association of School Libraries gathers annually to select recommended books based on the following criteria:

  • Reviews/Ratings
  • Repeat Titles
  • Alaska Titles
  • Format: paperback and availability


Teams battle it out between classrooms, schools, and a statewide competition.

  • Teams are asked questions about a detail in one of the books.
  • The team receives points when they answer with the correct title and author.
  • The team with the most points wins.

Grade Catagories:

  • High School (9th-12th grades)
  • Middle School (7th & 8th grades)
  • 5th & 6th Grades
  • 3rd & 4th Grades

K-2: No state battles, no challenges, and each grade competes as a class with slightly different rules.

  • 2nd Graders
  • 1st Graders
  • Kindergarten

*Note: All students compete based on grade level. For multi-grade classrooms, younger students may compete with older students. Older students may not compete in a younger category. A team of less than four students may compete both at the district and state level.

2018 BSSD District Battle Championship Results

High School

1st Place: John Apangalook School

2nd Place: Frank A. Degnan High School

3rd Place: Hogarth Kingeekuk Sr. Memorial School &

White Mountain School

7/8 Grade

1st Place: Koyuk Stars

2nd Place: Koyuk Malemutes

3rd Place: Koyuk Cubs

5/6 Grade

1st Place: Unalakleet

2nd Place: Tukurngailnguq School

3rd Place: Diomede Dateliners

3/4 Grade

1st Place: Unalakleet School

2nd Place: White Mountain School

3rd Place: Paul F. Asicksik, Sr. School

Second Grade

1st Place: Koyuk Malimuit School

2nd Place: Paul F. Asicksik, Sr. School

3rd Place: Unalakleet &

Anthony A. Andrews School

First Grade

1st Place: Martin L. Olson School

2nd Place: Unalakleet Wolf Pups

3rd Place: Tukurngailnguq School


1st place: Tukurngailnguq School & Koyuk School

2nd Place: Unalakleet & Anthony A. Andrews School

3rd Place: Shishmaref School &

Hogarth Kingeekuk Sr. Memorial School