Students in the 21st Century after school program warm-up for dance lessons with teaching artist Leslie Kimiko-Ward.

Students draw portraits at Community Art Night!

Students practiced watercolor techniques to create animals with protruding eyes and noses like Kodiak artist Alvin Amason.

Kindergarten students show off their finished mosaics.

The 8th graders' flock of colorful geese.

High school students learned about abstract acrylic painting and practiced photo transfer techniques on canvas.


Students join Ryder Erickson for an after- school painting class, part of the 21st Century program.

Kindergarten, studying the plant cycle, create collograph prints of flowers.

Community Art Night!

Students and community members gathered to paint eagles for the school tessellation!

Middle schoolers create paintings of the rivers and watershed around Elim, during an ELA unit on the importance of water.