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Grades 4/5 With JoEd Sennes

No year is ever the same and teachers that tell you they have it down, may be fooling themselves. Education is a living, breathing, evolving organism which makes it a fun challenge. Teaching is also an art form and it is something that an educator fine tunes every year. One of the many jobs of a teacher is to stay current and continue to learn. I’m a firm believer in helping children find their gifts and passions, because when you have a desire to learn, all of the other details in learning fall into place. As an educator, I love to excite, engage, challenge and extend and I owe this all to my marvelous parents, supportive extended family, peers and the learning community at large. Learning was encouraged at home and fostered by so many throughout my life.

In the course of my career, I have seen trends come and go, standards change and a plethora of learning gimmicks. However, the constant I rely on is the deep curiosity that all humans possess even at an early age. We are learning creatures of high intelligence as it so clearly is demonstrated in our acquisition of language as a baby. Children are quick to adapt and seek to make connections to their world and this curiosity follows them into adulthood if nurtured in the right way.

Educators support what parents begin. Parents should be the first to model curiosity of learning and resilience towards failure. Parents should model positive redirection and risk taking. Educators continue to support the groundwork laid out by parents. WE are a team you and I! May you see this in my teaching and the steps I take towards an evolving profession.