Meet The EMS Staff

EMS Administrative Staff

Mr. Chan

6th Grade Core Teachers

Mr. Chandler (Quest)

Ms.Botte (Nia)

7th/8th Grade core teachers

Mr. Boyle (Evolution)

Mr. Demink (Infinity)



Ms. Wright (Spanish)

Ms. Gustafson (ELL)

Mr. Ellsworth (PE)

Ms. Hawks (Art)

Mr. Lambert (Band/ Music)

Mr. Schoembs (Design and Tech)

EMS support and guidance staff

Ms. Halstead

Ms. Hulbert

Mr. Bleakney (Endeavor)

Ms. Howard (Endeavor)

Ms.Chandler (Quest - click on pic for video)

Ms. Wyndorf (Journey)

Ms. Botte (Nia-click on pic for video)