Second Grade

Welcome to Second Grade Music!

Second grade music meets twice a week for 30 minutes. Mr. Cunningham's class meets on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10:15-10:45 AM. Ms. Kumpula's class meets Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:15-10:45 All parents are welcome to join their students in class at any time.

Second grade music begins the year focusing on literacy of more complex rhythms than they mastered in first grade. Students will learn to "decode" rhythms containing quarter notes and eighth notes in compound time. They will learn traditional children's songs using those rhythms. Eventually, they will compose their own rhythms and perform on classroom rhythm instruments.

Throughout the year, second grade students in Bozeman schools will master the following:

1. They will match pitch when singing.

2. Know and demonstrate the difference between steady beat and rhythm.

3. Use appropriate musical vocabulary.

4. Study "The Nutcracker" by Russian composer Tchaikovsky. They will study the ballet form and attend a portion of the ballet as a field trip. They will be able to describe some facts about Tchaikovsky, as well as aurally identify "The Nutcracker" music.

5. Identify and describe ABA and AABA forms in music.

6. Identify by sound and sight the following instruments: Alto Saxophone, Double Bass, Trombone, Bass Drum.

7. Audience etiquette: when to enter/exit a performance, appropriate behavior while listening, when to clap.

8. Identify and perform quarter notes, half notes, eighth notes, and whole notes.

9. Define and demonstrate the tempi: Largo and Allegro. Define and demonstrate the dynamics mezzo piano and mezzo forte.

10. Identify bar line, double bar line, and measure.

11. They will apply music learning in novel situations, explore independent improvisation, and make musical connections to the broader world.

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