Fourth Grade

Welcome to Fourth Grade Music!

Fourth grade music meets twice a week for 45 minutes. Mrs. Langin's class meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:45-2:30. All parents are invited and welcome to attend music with their child.

Fourth grade music students will begin the year with a continuation of rhythm reading from last year. Later in the year (January) they will learn to apply these skills to playing the recorder.

Throughout the year, third grade students in Bozeman schools will master the following:

1. They will match pitch when singing.

2. Know and demonstrate the difference between steady beat and rhythm.

3. Use appropriate musical vocabulary.

4. Study and identify "Symphony No. 9" by Ludwig van Beethoven. Students will also be able to describe some details of Beethoven's life.

5. Identify by sound and sight the following instruments/voices: Viola, Baritone, Timpani, Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, , Percussion, Tenor, Bass

6. Audience etiquette: when to enter/exit a performance, appropriate behavior while listening, when to clap. The 4th graders will attend a Bozeman Symphony concert in February in order to practice this behavior.

7. Identify and perform quarter notes, half notes, eighth notes, whole notes, dotted quarter notes, dotted half notes, tied notes and demonstrate the difference between duple and triple meters.

8. They will apply music learning in novel situations, explore independent improvisation, and make musical connections to the broader world.

Please check back later for further information!