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Monday, May 21st- Tuesday, May 22nd Overnight Outing

Detailed Sign-up Required Below- closes Saturday, May 19th 4 p.m.

Monday, May 14th- Tuesday, May 15th Overnight Outing

Detailed Sign-up Required Below- closes Thursday, May 10th 4 p.m.

Cancelled: April 13th Biking Yellowstone outing

Friday Yellowstone bike trip will be cancelled due to the impending winter storm watch. With the snow, low temps. and high winds, it will likely be marginal conditions. This will not be rescheduled due to the park roads opening to traffic April 20th. Hopefully you can get out and X-C ski, alpine ski or enjoy the winter conditions doing something you enjoy outdoors.

Sign-up Required Below

Outing: Biking Yellowstone. Meet @ SMS at 9:00 am. Load & leave for West Yellowstone. Ride, picnic & explore 3 hours towards Madison Junction & back. Return to SMS @ 5:15 p.m. We're hoping for good weather. I need parents to drive kids and/or haul bikes.

Check the West Yellowstone Park entrance Webcam HERE

April 9th Geocache/Bike Outing

No Sign-up Required

Outing: Geocaching- bring your bike, helmet, trinkets and gps if you can borrow one. We will be hiding our OAC Geocache, & finding several caches on route to Bogert Park. Pick up at Bogert Park 5:15 p.m. If you want to take something out of caches we find, bring trinkets to leave. Intended Geocache route map HERE or below. Start decrypting clues.

Geocache 2018 OAC

February 26th Outings

7th/8th Grade Ice Skating Outing Cancelled- no OAC meeting

6th Graders - climbing at Spire- sign-up closes Friday 12 pm

February 12th Outings

Hyalite Winter fest Outing