Outdoor Adventure Club needs you in order to go on outings. We need approved chaperones to help transport students to scheduled outings. Please consider helping with transportation on one or all of our outings, as well as volunteering as a chaperone on overnight outings. If you can help, please fill out the appropriate forms below. I appreciate your willingness to volunteer. Thank you so much. I can't do the outings without you and it is fun to have parents, grandparents and guardians along with us when possible.

To help with transportation, you would need to fill out the volunteer form and the vehicle usage form (attached below) and let me know which outings you could help transport students and how many you could transport (up to five students with seat belts besides yourself).

To help with overnight outings as a chaperone, you would need to complete the school district background check as described on the website under the student and parents tab, and volunteer with the Bozeman Public Schools option.


Chris Ottey

2320F1 Vehicle Usage Form.pdf.pdf