Beginning Orchestra with

Mrs. Pafford

Getting To Know Me!

Bärbel Pafford teaches 5th -grade orchestra at all of Bozeman's eight elementary schools. She is a Bozeman native and a professional cellist. She completed her undergraduate music education degree at the University of South Carolina in Columbia where she taught with the University of SC String Project.

She began her teaching career in Spartanburg, SC, where she taught thousands of students, ranging from 5-12th grade. After teaching in SC, she moved to Iowa so her husband could complete his medical residency. In Iowa, she homeschooled her children, founded the Cedar River String Trio, and taught with the Cedar Rapids String Outreach Program.

Mrs. Pafford returned to Bozeman in 2009 to help care for her parents and began teaching with the Bozeman Public Schools. She currently teaches at all of Bozeman's elementary schools, manages Big Sky Strings, teaches privately at home, performs with the Bozeman Symphony, and co-manages Bozeman Summer String Jam, a camp for rising 6th through 11th -grade string students.

Her favorite color is purple :)

Watch a video of the four string instruments that are offered for our amazing 5th graders!

The violin is the smallest and brightest of the string instruments. This instrument frequently has the melody line, or the tune in a piece.

Lots of violins are important to having a fabulous orchestra. I have NEVER had too many violinists.

The viola is played under the chin like the violin and has a deeper, warmer tone.

Violas add the rich middle voice to the orchestra.

The viola is the instrument that we need the most of, following the violin and often get the best scholarships later on in life :)

The cello has a mellow tone and is played sitting down. Its end pin sits on the floor, and is played by resting between a player's knees.

The cello acts as the support walls to the orchestra.

We need a few cellists in every orchestra.

The string bass is the biggest and lowest member of the string family. It is vital to the orchestra, as it provides the foundation.

Every orchestra needs a bassists or two to provide fullness and depth. Due to their size, they are challenging to transport. Most parents rent a school instrument for school, and acquire one for home use; I will help with this process.

See why our Bozeman students love orchestra!