Gifted Coordinators

Roles and Responsibilities

Parent Perspective

A key area of need identified during the implementation of the gifted model was for Gifted Coordinators to assume a liaison-type role to better support students, parents and schools. In response to that need, Coordinators are a parent resource for any aspect of gifted education, including support with school communication and navigating the MTSS framework.

School Perspective

Coordinators partner with individual schools to support administrators and teachers in implementing the gifted model with fidelity and meeting the unique needs of individual students. Communication with administrators and teachers of gifted students occurs regularly, and coordinators are available to provide professional development and instructional collaboration for teachers. Gifted Ed. Coordinators participate on building MTSS/SIT collaborative problem-solving teams and serve as a resource for building psychologists and counselors to support social and emotional needs, as well as coordinate, teach, and supervise Gifted Ed. mentors (in collaboration with MSU Honors College).

At the elementary and middle school levels, coordinators are responsible for facilitating year-to-year communication regarding the needs of gifted students via Fall Transition Meetings with school staff. For elementary students, coordinators may also provide direct academic support when Tier 2/3 needs are identified. While the district is working to identify and align district needs and coordinator availability for this level of support, the primary focus for service in 2018-19 is in the area of math.

District Perspective

The Gifted Education Coordinators have established the district's gifted model and are responsible for the ongoing evaluation of meeting the needs of gifted learners from a district-wide perspective. Coordinators are responsible for facilitating communication and implementation of district protocols for general supports including the identification of gifted learners, GATE screening, and Tier 3 single-subject and grade-level acceleration. Coordinators collaborate with the district Data Analyst to update and manage state requirements and reports for grant funding, and ensure alignment between district policy, OPI Programming for Gifted Students recommendations, and state-mandated guidelines.

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