Freshman GATE Classes

GATE Sections

Bozeman High offers sections of freshman English, Science, Geometry, and World Geography that are taught at an advanced level and designed to challenge gifted and highly capable students. These classes are extremely rigorous and require significantly more reading, research, and writing than typical freshman classes, although they cover the same district curriculum. To ensure student comfort and success, enrollment in these classes is restricted to those students who meet criteria through either former identification as a gifted learner or the GATE screening process, which is available to all interested students.

More detailed information is shared with students and parents starting in late January. All eighth-grade students and parents at schools feeding into BHS are provided information regarding GATE course options and the opportunity to participate in screening for placement. For consistency, the BSD7 Gifted Education Office provides all schools with the information to relay to students and conducts parent information sessions during BHS Freshman Night.

Students entering BHS from schools participating in the GATE screening process are required to participate during the screening window. Screening outside of the designated window is only available to students not enrolled in a BHS feeder school prior to the screening window.

Parent/Student Communication

The Gifted Education office is solely responsible for disseminating information to schools, sharing information at Freshman Night, and carrying out the screening. Each middle school is responsible for managing all written communication with parents and students prior to screening, and BHS is responsible for final placement and scheduling of GATE sections and any parent communication post-screening. Please direct post-screening questions to the BHS counseling department. For all students, information on placement in GATE sections will not be available until students receive their schedule from BHS in August.