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Bridger Charter Academy

Bridger Charter Academy Students

Who Can Attend the Charter?

All high school age students in the Bozeman community are welcome to attend the charter.

(Some size limitations based on course and staff availability.)

Who Should Attend the Bridger Charter Academy?

BCA is a strong fit for students seeking

  • personalized instruction (via goals, pacing, and context);
  • flexible scheduling (based on personal, vocational, curricular and extracurricular needs);
  • a learning environment in which they can work independently with teacher support as needed;
  • learning opportunities outside the traditional classroom;
  • small classroom settings; and
  • small learning community within the larger high school, focused on academic, personal, and social growth.

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BCA Long-term Vision.pdf

Bridger Charter Academy is a program within Bozeman High School

205 N. 11th, Bozeman, MT, 59715. (406) 522-6225

Contact us for more information.