Bozeman 5th Grade Orchestra

We are enjoying a great year!

All about the instruments.


The Violin is the smallest and highest instrument in the strings family. This instrument frequently has the melody line (or the tune of a song). Lots of violins are important to having a nice sounding orchestra.


The Viola looks very similar to the violin, but it is lower in pitch and a bit larger. The viola has a beautiful and rich sound. Violas add the middle voice to the orchestra.


The Cello is one of the larger instruments in the orchestra. It rests on the floor, and is played by resting between a player's knees. The cello has a more mellow sound, and acts as the support walls to the orchestra. We need a few cellos in every orchestra.


The Bass is the lowest and largest instrument in the strings family. It is vital to the orchestra, as this instrument proves the foundational sound. Every orchestra needs basses to provide that bottom sound. Bass players need to be able to transfer their instruments to and from school on their orchestra days, and store them at home.