Chili Supper

Written by: Amya Hilderbrand

This Friday BHS will host the annual Chili Supper that is loved by the community. This is a fundraising event and where Bloomfield announces their beloved basketball teams for the 2021- 2022 season! At this event, BSD asks for donations (food or money), t-shirt orders, and volunteers. All proceeds go to the BSD athletic program.

The dinner begins at 5:30 in the HS cafeteria and teams will be announced at beginning at 7 in the glover gym. Our very own famous chili and dessert will be served in the cafeteria. BSD staff asks that you sign up to volunteer and serve food at this link.

Pre Freaky Friday

Written by: Mara Burch

This week was the beginning of the Freaky Friday musical productions. Practices have been long, brutal, and overall rewarding in a way that nothing else can be. The feeling on show night is one that cannot be explained. You must feel it to know it.

The leads, Morgan Medina (Katherine) and Hannah Rush (Ellie), have worked exceedingly hard and it shows. Our youngest cast member, Toby Pemberton (Ensemble) is working hard as well and is nailing as is everyone else. Here is our cast list:

  • Morgan Medina (Senior)

  • Hannah Rush (Senior)

  • Josh Pemberton (7th Grader)

  • Darian Oakman (Loogootee Junior)

  • Shaylin Hendricks (Senior)

  • John Fields (5th Grader)

  • Claira Francis (Senior)

  • Olivia Francis (Sophomore)

  • Mara Burch (Freshman)

  • Reagan Evans (8th Grader)

  • Maran Nicholson (8th Grader)

  • Lilli Doris (Senior)

  • Rylan Turpin (7th Grader)

  • Charis Lehman (6th Grader)

  • Eliana Raper (8th Grader)

  • Kiara Fields (8th Grader)

  • James Woods (8th Grader)

  • Toby Pemberton (2nd Grader)

Quickly, the play is about a single (but engaged) mother and her teenage daughter. These two do not get along. While arguing they switch bodies. They must live a day in the other’s body. They believe each other's lives are simple, however in the end they will think differently.

Please come if you are interested and have the time. Tickets are available at the theatre when you come. Preschool students get in for free, K-12 are $5 each, and adults are $10 each. Times are 7pm on the 28, 29, and 30, and on 31 it starts at 2pm.

Post Freaky Friday

Written by: Mara Burch

The play was amazing. The audiences were fun and the cast did great. There were tech problems but we pushed through.

One audience member says that the song Women and Sandwiches was her favorite part. Another says Watch Your Back was what she likes. And, still others say, that when I had the cake splattered all over me was the part that they liked (See Picture Above).

All in all, it was a great show. It was entertaining and fun for not just the audience but the cast as well.