Burrillville High School School Nurse

Rachel Cucca, RN

Phone: (401) 568-1310

Fax: (401) 568-1363

Email: cuccar@bsd-ri.net

Burrillville High School Health Services


Welcome to the Burrillville High School Health Services page. This page will provide information for families and faculty of Burrillville High School. The information provided here does not replace medical evaluation and treatment. Please contact your health care provider for any medical advice.

The following are general guidelines to facilitate communication between parents and school health professionals relating to health issues.

1. If your child has a temperature greater than 100 degrees, please keep your child at home.

2. If your child vomits during the night or the morning of school, please keep him/her at home.

3. If your child has an injury, please forward a note from the health care provider indicating any activity restrictions or use of assistive devices such as crutches. If your child cannot participate in physical education (per medical note) he/she will need a clearance note from the health care provider in order to return to physical education/sports activity. Please do not send your child to school with crutches unless directed by a health care provider.

4. Please inform school nurse: Of any new allergies, medications, surgeries, accidents or new health problems or diagnosis’s that school may need to be aware of. You child’s school health record will be kept current if you have your child’s physician fill out the RI School Health Physical Form or provide a doctor’s note or report.

If your child is hospitalized for an illness (psychiatric or medical), a confidential summary from the discharging health care professional would be appreciated. Recommendations for your child might be made by the discharging professional in the summary. These recommendations will help us determine the accommodations for his/her academic, emotional, and physical needs your child may require upon his/her return.

5. If your child, by order of a physician must receive medications in school, states laws requires both parent and physician signature prior to administering medication. Please be sure to provide a doctor’s note (name of medication, dose, route, approximate time, and frequency) along with the medication in its original container. All orders expire each year and must be updated yearly. Please be advised that morning doses of any medications are the responsibility of the parent.

If your child needs emergency medication on standby such as an epipen or an inhaler your child is allowed to self-carry but must provide the health office with a prescriber’s written order and have written parent authorization. A doctor’s order identifying the child requiring said medication must be filed in the health office whether it is kept in health office or self-carried.