Welcome to the MC

Parents and Friends,

Welcome to the Library Media Center,

Why is it a Library Media Center? Why chance the name? For most people the word "library" brings up images of a stuffy, uncomfortably quiet, smelly place where the cranky lady behind the counter tells you to whisper. In an effort to express a change in environment and the addition of 21st century resources school librarians felt that a name changes was necessary. They felt like the word "media center" better encompassed the new function of the space so much more than library or "liber" which is latin for book. We now have technology (computer, ipads, little bits, coding etc. ), videography equipment, and makerspaces (STEM) as apart of our available resources. While books are still a very important part of what we offer it is not the only thing we offer to students and teachers.

At McAllister we are passionate about developing our students appreciation for all kinds of literacy. Whether it is technology literacy or reading literacy, we provide the resources and knowledge the teachers and students need to prepare them for the future.

This website was created to help students and teachers (and parents) to utilize our space and resources more effectively. If you find you have questions questions in your exploration of our "Library Media Center" we are always happy to help.

Erin Shultz

Media Specialist


Common Book Levels Explained

Beginning Readers- One word or one sentence per page, pictures on every page, uses commonly used sight words (A-D)

Emergent Readers - Multiple sentences per page, some pictures but leaves some things to readers imagination, may be divided by short chapters (A-I)

Fluent Readers - Typical chapter book, Simple plot and characters, some challenging vocabulary, little to no pictures (E-Q)

Advanced Readers- Chapter Books that contain complex plots and challenging vocabulary that is not used in everyday speech (M-Z)