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Welcome to the Blue Ridge Virtual Governor's School (BRVGS) Information Site. You will find information designed to provide a sense of "what BRVGS is all about," in terms of our school community, our goals, our role in our member school districts, and especially the wide range of learning experiences in which our students take part.

There are a number of links in the next section of this page that will provide information on the mission, history and structure and outcomes of BRVGS. Please scroll down to find:

  • The mission and purpose of BRVGS
  • Our 2011 Evaluation Recommendations and 2014 Mid-Term Evaluation Summary
  • A brief table of contents with links to other information regarding the area, our member schools, the BRVGS instructional program, policies and procedures, and our staff, Joint Board and Steering Committee
  • Emails from BRVGS Graduates

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  • BRVGS Purpose and Mission (adopted May 2016)

The purpose of BRVGS is to serve the academic needs of a community of motivated, high-ability students through a variety of instructional strategies and learning opportunities that engage their interests and challenge their intellectual boundaries beyond a traditional high school experience.

The mission of BRVGS is to inspire and challenge our students through unique, rigorous, technology-centered learning experiences, and to prepare them with the skills to be the leaders, collaborators and innovators of the future.

To review a summary of recommendations for BRVGS from the 2011 Va. Department of Education Program Evaluation and the 2014 Mid-Term Self-Evaluation for BRVGS, please click on:

BRVGS Graduate Emails

We are always happy to hear from our graduates, and we often receive emails updating us on their progress. Please click on the emails below to see unsolicited emails from graduates of the BRVGS program over the past 10 years: