Autumn Camp

(4-6 October 2019)

The theme for this year's autumn camp at De Kluis was Survival in the Woods. Over 60 of us spent the first weekend of October learning survival skills.

For the Beavers, that meant foraging in the woods, hunting an elephant (kind of) and making clay utensils. The cubs practised their knots and learned about safe and unsafe plants and mushrooms that can be found in the woods. The scouts honed their knife skills. On Sunday afternoon, everyone helped to build shelters for the scouts - some of whom even slept in them overnight.

Of course, we also all lost our voices singing around the camp fire as well, led by one of the scouts for much of the evening.

Congratulations to Vanessa, one of our scout leaders, who achieved her Nights Away Permit in preparation and during the camp, allowing her to organise similar events in the future.