Brunswick Flag

The (unofficial) flag of Brunswick, Maine.

A flag for Brunswick

Good flags inspire joy because they're beautiful and help people feel connected. We believe we've created a good flag for Brunswick, but we'd welcome whatever flag is selected by the Town through a public process. We also believe that any flag adopted by Brunswick should focus attention on organizations and efforts that promote our shared cultural and natural heritage. To that end, we'll donate all profits to Brunswick area historical societies, land preservation organizations, libraries, and others.


The two points refer to Mere Point and Princes Point.

The green region refers to Brunswick's forest, and if turned upside-down and vertically, can be imagined as two pine trees.

When flown horizontally, the green shape resembles the mouth of a salmon, which were once plentiful in the Androscoggin river.


The three "bays" refer to Maquoit Bay, Middle Bay, and Thomas Bay.

The dark blue region refers to the Atlantic ocean.

The light blue zigzag refers to the Androscoggin river.


The white curves refer to both ocean waves and river rapids. "Pejepscot" means "the long rocky rapids part of the river".


Elements of the flag also represent important ways that the Brunswick area has brought people together. The rapids or waves remind us of the fishing and transportation that our waterways have provided for thousands of years. The lightning bolt-shaped "river" reminds us of the power generation - first for mills and later for electricity - that brought people to live and work by the Androscoggin.

Town Council proposal

We hope Brunswick adopts a flag designed by its residents, so we asked the Town Council to consider a public process for selecting a flag design.

Brunswick family designs town flag, hopes to start public process, in The Times Record, September 28, 2020

Locals design Brunswick flag, hope to start public process, in The Forecaster, October 2, 2020

About Us

Our flag was proudly created by members of the Tefft family, who have lived in Brunswick for at least five generations.

The flag was designed by Nathan and his daughters Isla and Molly. The cotton fabric prototype was hand cut and sewn by Dennis and Paula, grandparents of the Tefft kids.

Inspiration for our flag was drawn in part from our connections to Bellingham, Washington, where Rachel (Isla, Molly, and Sam's mom) grew up.

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