Manchester Elementary Middle School

80 Memorial Avenue, Manchester Center, Vermont 05255

Phone (802) 362-1597 FAX (802) 362-3883


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Please make all school check payments payable to: Taconic & Green RSD

10.26.19 Please click here to read Superintendent Jackie Wilson's latest blog post Taconic & Green PreK Timeline

10.21.19 Please click here for Superintendent Jackie Wilson's latest blog entry about testing for lead in our schools' water supplies. Getting the Lead Out

10.17.19 Taryn and Tim Cocheo are now sharing the position of MEMS Town Chair, so they will act as liaisons between MEMS and the Bromley Outing Club (BOC) regarding snow sports JISP programs. If you need assistance or additional information on the Bromley Outing Club’s JISP offerings, please email Taryn and Tim at or call 518-567-7029.

10.16.19 Refuse to Use meeting dates are posted on the MEMS Community Calendar. Please note that Event #4 Dialogue Night will be held at Maple Street School on January 14 . Events #2, #3 and #5 will take place in the Jackie Parks Room (JPR) at MEMS.

10.11.19 Please click here for information on programs available for JISP 2020. Please direct all inquiries to the organization running each program. Please click here for our MEMS JISP Dismissal Letter and Questionnaire 2020. Hard copies of this will be sent home, but please feel free to print and submit anytime.

10.09.19 Please click here for a letter from Superintendent Jackie Wilson regarding BRSU Lead in Water Testing.

08.29.19 Please click here to view the MEMS Edition of the BRSU Family & Student Handbook

08.18.19 2019-20 bus routes are published. Please click here:

07.25.19 Please click here for info on the After School Program:

Taconic & Green After School Program (ASP) Family Handbook 2019-2020 (Hard copies available at the MEMS Front Office)

Taconic and Green After School Program (ASP) Registration Form 2019-2020 (Hard copies available at the MEMS Front Office)