Middle School Homework Club & Detention

Middle School Homework Club and Detention

The official start of both after school Homework Club and Homework Detention for Middle School will be Monday the 17th of September.


After school detention will go into effect on Monday the 17th of September. Next week (the week of the 10th) will be a buffer week where students can earn a detention reminder if they do not do their homework. That reminder will be in the form of an unofficial detention. Teachers will fill out a detention form and the student will be sent to the the office to call home. The purpose of the call is to communicate with their parent that they could have earned a detention for not doing their homework, however students will not have to stay after school during the buffer week.

Homework Club:

Homework club will run after school Monday - Thursday beginning September 17th, from 3-4pm. Please remember that pick up is at 4:00. If you child can not be picked up by 4pm, they can go to the Outer Zone. Please register with the After School Program for access to the Outer Zone. If your child would like to attend homework club either on a weekly basis or as needed, please be sure you have sent in a signed permission form.

Thank you

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