As we begin to implement this exciting new approach to learning, we need to be sure we have a plan in place to make it work. To that end, we have developed the following list of activities:

  • Establish School Board Ends and Monitoring Policies in all school districts.
  • Working with Dr. David L. Silvernail, Director of the Center for Education Policy, Applied Research and Evaluation at the University of Southern Maine, establish system benchmarks based on a logic model to keep us focused during these changes
  • Rapidly develop, implement, and evaluate best practices through a peer-led, lateral network using the Haiku Learning instructional management system.
  • Utilize the Northwest Evaluation Association’s (NWEA MAP) just-in-time assessment three times a year to provide formative data to teachers and monitoring data to students, parents, administration and school board members.
  • Monitor quality control over curriculum development through a peer-led instructional leadership team.
  • Implement a standards-based curriculum.
  • Document student learning through Personal Learning Plans and the use of e-portfolios.