Taconic & Green Regional School District is a unified school district governed by a 13-person board for resident students of the towns of Danby, Dorset, Landgrove, Londonderry, Manchester, Mt. Tabor, Peru, Sunderland, and Weston.

Effective July 1, 2018, this unified school district operates 5 schools:

    • Currier Memorial School (PK-5)

    • Flood Brook School (K-8)

    • Manchester Elementary-Middle School (PK-8)

    • Sunderland Elementary School (K-6)

    • The Dorset School (K-8)

Students in grades 9-12 have school choice. In order for the district to pay tuition for students in grades 9-12, families must submit a tuition request form annual. News families must also submit the Declaration of Residency Form .


Articles of Agreement

Board Operational Definition of Equity

Education equity means that each child receives what they need to develop to their full academic and social potential. Working towards equity involves commitments to Access, Process, and Outcomes, including by:

1. Removing the predictability for success or failures that currently correlates with any social or cultural factor,

2. Interrupting inequitable practices, examining biases, and creating inclusive multicultural school environments for adults and children,

3. Discovering and cultivating the unique gifts, talents and interests that every human possesses.

Equity goes beyond formal equality where all students are treated the same. Achieving equity may require an unequal distribution of resources and services.

(Definition adapted from the National Equity Project)

Approved August 20, 2019

Revised November 3, 2020

School Board members