Adults Visiting Campus


Parents are welcome to visit their child's classroom. To ensure visits are safe and productive for both the school and visitor, we ask that you schedule your visits in advance with the classroom teacher.

All adults on campus must sign in at the front office. You must use the designated adult bathrooms in the front office.

  1. All visitors must register in the school office (Ed. Code Section 32211) prior to visiting the classroom, playground, or any location on campus.
  2. Visitors must wear a visitor identification sticker in a visible place.
  3. Provide prior notice to teachers and staff to arrange appropriate times and days.
  4. Make an appointment with your child's teacher before or after school to discuss any questions or concerns. Please do NOT disturb the classroom teachers during class time.
  5. If your child is leaving for the day, you must sign your child out at the front office.

School policy does not permit children (students from other schools, friends, relatives) to visit the classroom for the day.