The Belmont-Redwood Shores Faculty Association Contacts

Our union governance team is comprised of an Executive Board and Representative Council. The team collaborates with our CTA Primary Contact who is the CTA liaison between our BRSFA chapter and the California Teachers Association. They serve in an advisory capacity.

CTA Primary Contact

Michelle Washington


Executive Board

Elected by membership at large, the Executive Board is a voting body of the BRSFA Leadership Team. The President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary work together to ensure the vision and operations of BRSFA.

President: David Pickett

Vice President: Chris DellaPietra

Treasurer: Julie Oeser

Secretary: Bre Duncan


Grievance Chair: Pamela Miller


Representative Council

Elected by members at each school site, the BRSFA Site Reps are your first point of contact. They serve as the liaison between colleagues at their school sites and the Executive Board. They are a voting body of the BRSFA Leadership Team. – Christine Wilkens – Kim Donoho & Ann Snelling – Kortney Kaa – Stephanie McMaster & Chandra McKeon – Adam Reitman – Lisa Ildefonzo – Simer Bains


Bargaining Team

The Bargaining Team is appointed by the Executive Board and negotiates contract language. The Bargaining Team is vested with the power to create Tentative Agreements with the district.

Bargaining Chair: Noel Ekstrom -

Abe Rosas

Bart Leaver

Barbara Ashley-Digrande

Kortney Kaa

Michelle Washington – CTA Primary Contact


Organizing Team

Susan Nicholls, Michelle Wike -

The Organizing Team is appointed by the Executive Board and builds membership and community amongst members.


Elections Chair - Sheri Norman

The Elections Chair is appointed by the Executive Board and facilitates BRSFA/CTA/NEA elections.