Work, in dignity.

Not indignity.


Back on their feet, if they can get back their work.

After 40 days of hardship, hunger and hopelessness, migrant workers in Goa are limping back to a new normal. Many are going back home. For those left here, it's only fair that we fix their broken livelihood. They need to earn... right now. Over the last month, we've made a database of workers by skill & area. It could be of use for pre-monsoon labour intensive activities that need to be completed ASAP. Works like: Site cleaning/development | Organic Farming |Kitchen Gardening | Water Harvesting |Other Domestic Services

To hire them, fill out our google form, we’ll get back with labour contacts available nearest to you. We’d like to assert that we’re not labour contractors or agents, we're voluntary enablers giving you access to a marketplace.

You will, just as otherwise, meet these daily wage earners on your own time, gauge their ability & skill to perform your work, strike a mutually agreeable contract, give them the necessary materials and tools to carry out work, supervise them, take care of their transport and look after their well being. The onus is on you as an employer.

Pls agree to the terms & conditions before signing up.

One Time Benefit

If you hire workers from this database for water harvesting or organic/kitchen gardening projects; on request & subject to availability our on-boarded field experts have volunteered to offer one initial consultancy service for free.

Key Work Highlights

Government Intervention

Our clusters have been included in the Govt. food helpline rations interventions. 200 workers from our Tiswadi cluster have recieved rations. Once the database is further cut after migrants returning home we will be able to assess the situation of the others.

We also got a first-hand account of onground issues they face while addressing migrants needs on such a large scale.

"Ration Ab tak Nahi Mila"

As the Govt. tweaks its delivery mechanism, we are still responding to SOS calls on a case by case basis for distributing rations. A few Corporates and Public Service Groups have also stepped in to provide stocks.

Distribution System

1. An hour before reaching the site a call is made to the cluster rep to hand out tokens as per serial nos. from a prepared list. Cluster members (One person per room/family carrying Aadhar cards of all members) stand in the order of the list.

2. Anyone not on the list is directed to a data collection line.

3. Safe distancing is ensured.

4. Every member is checked for their serial number and Aadhar cards for all dependants/roommates.

5. Verified members are sent forward to collect rations. At the truck they submit their token, and collect rations against their Aadhar cards. One volunteer makes a note of rations distributed and ensures that those that have received leave immediately.

6. One volunteer collects data of all new applicants.


Online or in kind for materials, supplies, transport etc.


Your time for packing, distribution or documentation.

Spread the word

Ask people you know to contribute. Voice your opinions. Report any injustice you see around you.