Collaborative work

You can add employees with GMail account, give them instructions, work on shared documents simultaneously, view statistics on the work of the staff, add guests participants.

Tasks & Responses

It is easy to create a task. Write or dictate a text by voice. Select performers. Set deadline. Attach the required documents or links. Send for execution. Employees will respond. Mark the task done when you consider it completed.

Approvals and familiarization

Select several colleagues, attach a document and send them for approval. If you want to send a document to familiarize, you can select a list of employees, and they will mark it as acknowledged.


You can attach the required number of files to any task or response. You can attach a link to a document on your Google Drive, copy this document into the storage, upload any file from the device, create a document in the storage.

Storage of the documents

The service Storage is located on your Google Drive. Storage is the knowledge base of your company, where you can always find a document and keep on working on it. Each file is stored with the access rights of the employees having worked on it in the task. Members having access to the document can edit it at the same time.


You can create a personal folders structure of any complexity and put the tasks into them. It enables your finding previously executed assignments quickly, plan upcoming tasks as a drafts, monitor the project progress as a task chain. Each employee has his/her own folder structure.

Mobile work

The service works on any computer, tablet and smartphone, with all devices where the Internet browser can be downloaded. The Service appears almost the same on any device and has a full feature set everywhere. Google Chrome browser is recommended.

E-mail and instant messengers

The Service is integrated with GMail. You can create an email-based task, move the text of correspondence and attached documents. You can share the task and the response in an e-mail message, transfer documents, as well as in popular instant messengers.

Reminders and Calendar

You can remind the employee of a task delayed or done by sending notification to email or messenger. You can create a task-based event in Google Calendar, transfer participants, Documents and Alerts into it.

Linked tasks

Each employee can create a task linked to incoming or outgoing task. For example, tasks can be linked as Director-manager channel and manager-specialist channel. The Director can view the status of the linked tasks execution.


A task lists can be represented by several views. Incoming tasks are the ones given to you. Outgoing tasks are the ones given by you. The upcoming affairs are incoming or outgoing ones, the deadline of which expires in the next few days, as well as outdated one. My Folders view is used for access to tasks through the folder structure that you have created for your own convenience.


Search and selection of tasks function is available in the main views. You can quickly find the task by a identification number, by participant name or e-mail, by a text extract.


The Service is hosted on Google Cloud Platform, that ensures its availability 99.95% of the time. You log in to the service using your account and Google authorization tools. We do not store your passwords and documents.

It is Important

If you have decided to use the service for business purposes, you are strongly recommended to use accounts in your own G Suite domain for employee, where you have administrator rights.

Connecting an employee's personal account, you should be aware that the employee will have owner rights for the documents created by him/her.

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