Math and Thinking Systems

At SUMS2020: MATS, we will have talks from professors of philosophy, neuroscience, computer science, and of course, mathematics. The idea is to investigate different conceptions of thinking systems across disciplines. In philosophy, we discuss what it means to be a thinking system. In neuroscience, we study how the most successful thinking system ever is built. In computer science, we attempt to build thinking systems from the ground up. And finally, in math we use thinking systems to understand truth.

Our guest speakers are:

  • Alan Nelson, Professor of Philosophy and Director of Graduate Studies in Philosophy at UNC Chapel Hill
  • Josef Parvizi, Professor of Neurology at the Stanford University Medical Center
  • Eugene Charniak, Professor of Computer Science and Cognitive Science at Brown University
  • Doron Zeilberger, Professor of Mathematics at Rutgers University

We will have time for several presentations of original research by undergraduates. Submissions of proposals for these presentations are now open! Please see details under "Registration" below.

Location and Date

SUMS2020 will take place on Saturday, March 7th, 2020, in Kassar-Foxboro Auditorium at Brown University (151 Thayer St).


Registration for SUMS is free and required for attendance. Please register through this Google form.

Presentations: If you are an undergraduate who would like to briefly present your original research in mathematics during the conference, you should register before February 15 and indicate your interest in presenting. We will have time for both brief talks (15-20 minutes) and presentation of posters. Student presentations need not be related to the subject "Math and Thinking Systems" - all topics of math are welcome.

Hosting: We try to coordinate on-campus hosting for students visiting from other institutions who need to stay in Providence the Friday night before the conference (March 6th), but since our hosts are volunteer Brown students, we cannot guarantee a host for everyone. To maximize your chances of being assigned a host, please register by February 24. If you are a Brown student who can host a visiting conference-goer, please indicate accordingly when you register.