Apply to the DRP

Apply for the Fall 2023 DRP here. Applications are due Monday, September 18th. 

Information for Students

Any undergraduate who has taken at least one course with mathematical proofs is eligible to apply for the DRP. We encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about math - whether it’s a specific topic or just wanting to know how mathematicians think - to apply to the DRP. We do not care if you are going to pursue math in the future or not. We do want you to be committed to the program for the whole semester. Since a typical student spends around 4 hours a week on the DRP, if you are taking a heavy course load, please ask yourself before applying if you have the time and energy for an extra project.

Applications are open at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. Before applying please read over the expectation sheet carefully. In the application form, you will be asked to fill out which courses you have taken (we do not care about grades). This will help us know if you are prepared for the DRP and to match you effectively with a project. One of the most important aspects of the application is the statement of interest, so please take some time to consider what you will say. Previous participants of the DRP are encouraged to apply again; however, applicants who have never participated will be given preference.

Information for Mentors

We are always looking for graduate student mentors to participate in the DRP.  We do not encourage first year graduate students to be mentors unless they are placing out of a couple courses - we prefer you focus on your course work and become a mentor later.  If you are interested in becoming a mentor please contact the DRP organizers.  Also, look out for an e-mail from us.  A few weeks before each semester we will be sending out an e-mail asking for mentor participants.  At this time you are asked to come up with a project - this includes a subject for a project plus a book or paper to follow plus a brief description for any undergraduate students applying.  If you are having trouble coming up with a project you may look at the past projects or go to Kassar House where the DRP library is and browse the books we own for inspiration. A list of books in the DRP library is here.