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July 2021

Dear Classmate,

We hope you enjoy this class website—and keep checking in on it, because it’s a work in progress. It’s worth “bookmarking” because we will be continually updating it with your thoughts and contributions.

Brown’s Office of Alumni Relations has set it up to be accessible not only on computers but also on tablets and smartphones. It may look somewhat different on each, so if you don’t see a menu on the first page, try clicking the three-line “hamburger” at the upper left.

Here’s how our website is organized:

  • Home page (this one)

  • About Us (Class Officers and Class Cabinet)

  • News and Notes (by and about our classmates)

  • Having My Say (original essays shared by classmates)

  • Online Conversations (a selection of emails that have been shared among members of our class)

  • Photo Gallery (showing our 60th reunion in 2018 as well as other gatherings going back to our 50th reunion

  • Remembering (a page of links to obituaries of classmates as far back as 2008)

  • Links page (clickable links to get you to other websites for Brunonians)

As most of you know, for years we have published an award-winning Class Newsletter, put together by two classmates who went on from the Brown Daily Herald to careers in newspapers and news services. All 12 issues have been collected in their own archive by the Brown University Library:

It’s easier and quicker to keep this website current, though, so from now on Jim Furlong and John Reistrup, co-editors of the newsletter, will be posting your news and commentary here. Please submit it via We hope to keep lively conversations going in News and Notes, Online Conversations, and Perspectives.

All this has been made possible by the Office of Alumni Relations staff, especially Jill Stange, who can be found at

Sandy McFarland Taylor regretfully retired as our Class Co-President after 20 years as a valued class officer, so Co-Vice President Jane Bertram Miluski has stepped up to fill the job until we can have proper elections next year.

Jane: ~ Jim:

Ever True,

Jane and Jim, Co-Presidents