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June 2022

Dear Classmate,

Mark your calendars for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 26, 27 and 28, 2023. And book your rooms early! With the larger classes at Brown now, hotel rooms become harder to find and are taken quickly.

Or make life easy and go back 65 years by booking a room on campus in one of the Quads!

More about how to do that, as well as specific plans for our 65th Reunion, will come at a later date.

Our Class of '58 is truly great, and literally in a class by itself. We were recipient of Brown Annual Fund Class Participation Award for not one but two years, 2020 and 2021. Our Class participation rate was around 40 percent—so WELL DONE to everybody and keep up the good work, particularly in 2023 as we come back for our 65th Class Gathering.

Meanwhile keep visiting our Brown Class of 1958 website. It is truly a work in progress, continually updated and made more convenient. It’s worth “bookmarking” or making it a “favorite” for quick access.*

The site can now be opened not only on computers but also on your tablets and smartphones. It may look somewhat different on each, so if you don’t see a menu listing all the pages, try clicking the three-line “hamburger” at the upper left.*

Meanwhile, we have made all 12 print issues of our award-winning Class of 1958 newsletter available on the last page of this website, as well as in the Brown Repository Library if you click here or here:

Jim Furlong and John Reistrup, who served as co-editors of the print newsletter, are now posting your news and commentary on this website. Please continue to submit your contributions via We hope to keep lively conversations going. After all, we must have learned something that’s worth sharing from the last six decades.

This latest version of the Brown Class of 1958 website you are now reading includes several updates since the last time you may have looked at it. It’s also easier to navigate and to share with others. If you want to call the attention of a friend or relative to a particular item, for example, you can click on the little icon depicting a chain link next to the headline, copy it and paste it into an email without having to type it out and risk making mistakes.*

As always, the Remembering page stays current with links to obituaries of classmates dating back as far as our 50th Reunion. Whenever possible, we have included both obituaries from the Brown Alumni Magazine and longer, more detailed obits from local newspapers. If these jog any memories, we encourage you to submit a tribute, as Harry Batchelder did for Joe Tebo.

Ever True,

Jane Bertram Miluski and Jim Moody,


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