Alexander Yarkin

I am an Economics Ph.D. Candidate at Brown University, Department of Economics, and a recipient of the 2022-2023 Interdisciplinary Fellowship at the Population Studies and Training Center.

I am also an affiliate at the Global Labor Organization, as well as at Watson Institute and S4 Institute at Brown.

My research focuses on political economy, development, cultural and labor economics. I'm especially interested in migration, diffusion of opinions and ideas, social networks, economics of identity, and historical political economy.

I am organizing the Growth Lab seminar at Brown. Please contact me if you want to apply for a slot in the following term.

I also play chess at the local club, and soccer with Brown U team 'Random Walk'.

Twitter: Alexander Yarkin (@AlexanderYarki1) / Twitter

GitHub: AlexYarkin (Alexander Yarkin) (


News and updates on research:

This year, I will be presenting:

  • "Learning from the Origins: Immigrants' Networks, Political Attitudes, and the European Refugee Crisis" - at SIOE-2022 (U of Toronto, June 25), Warwick (CAGE center, June 28), PhD-EVS webinar (Sep 22), Watson Institute at Brown (Sep 28), Queen Mary U of London (Oct 19), EBRD (Oct 25), Economics of Migration Seminar (Oct 25), Immigration in OECD countries (Dec 12)

  • "Epidemics, Diversity, and Group Identities: Evidence from West African Ebola Outbreak" at the 100 Years of Economic Development Conference (Cornell, Sep 15-17)

  • "Does the 'Melting Pot' Still Melt? ICTs and the Integration of Immigrants" at Brown Econ (Sep 14), ASREC Europe Conference (London, October 20-22)

  • "Personal Jesus: Economic Effects of Evangelical Christianity" (with Maxim Ananyev and Michael Poyker) - at the ASREC Conference (Chapman University, April 23)

Research and working paper updates:

  • Video of my presentation at the Economics of Migration Seminar: YouTube