Autumn Term

As readers, we will use a variety of texts from the school reading spine. We will study a range of texts about adaptation and evolution; study a range of fiction and non-fictions texts and books about rivers and mountains; and study a selection of traditional Jewish stories and compare them to Christian stories.

As writers, we will write a narrative in the style of Rudyard Kipling. We write a persuasive brochure about visiting Yorkshire Wildlife Park and write diary entries from an expedition to Everest. We continue to build further on our knowledge and understanding of poetry through writing a Haiku.

As mathematicians, we will learn about place value in numbers to 1,000,000 and 10,000,000. We will also learn about integers and negative numbers. We will learn about prime numbers to 100 and short and long division.

As scientists, we will learn how light travels and how we can see things. We will also learn about how living things have changed over time, how offspring vary and how animals have adapted to their environment.

As geographers, we will learn about the natural world. The children will examine climate zones in depth, learn about the terms ‘biome’ and ‘vegetation belts,’ and further develop their understanding of physical geography around the world.

As theologians, we will consider the question, do you have to believe in God to be good? We will explore what good means to different people. We will learn about Buddhism, enlightenment, the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path followed in daily life. We will also learn about humanist beliefs and the beliefs of an atheist.

As computer users, we will learn how harmful adults can find out our personal information and we will recognise ways to minimise the risks of working online. Also, we will understand the purpose of a network, know how to search for exact phrases, and be able to evaluate and verify online information.

As artists, we will further refine our skills with pencil and pen and ink to look at how to show perspective in our work. We will look at creating different shapes through pencil movement and the use of shadow. We will also study the work of Ben Nicholson and how he shows shape and perspective in his work.

As responsible citizens, we learn about the difference between a friendship and an intimate relationship. We practise ways of saying no without hurting other people’s feelings. Also, we explore what rights children have. Furthermore, we look at types of anti-social behaviour and their consequences.

As musicians, we will explore patterns in music, from a range of composers across many centuries and create our own pattern pieces in music. We shall extend both our recorder and handbell playing and develop an appreciation of a wide range of musical styles.

As sports people, we will be given the opportunity to choreograph and implement our own routines to a piece of music. We will also start to explore the role of being a referee due to our knowledge of sport.

As linguists, we will look at the different verbs and how to use them in Spanish.

As designers, we will explore the great designers and inventors of our time and think about their journey to reach their final products.