Autumn Term

This term we will learn about land use in our local area. We will also learn about Sikhism and the significance of the 5 Ks. As well as this, we will learn about how our skeletons and muscles work.

As geographers, we will use maps to identify topographical features. We will also conduct fieldwork to survey land use past and present.

As theologians, we will be learning about Sikhism and the significance of the 5 Ks.

As mathematicians, we will continue to practise and increase our fluency in the areas we have previously learnt in Key Stage One. We will focus on Place Value, including representing numbers up to 1000 in different ways before comparing and ordering them. Then, we will build up our calculation work to add and subtract 3-digit numbers to each other using formal methods. Towards the end of the term, the children will begin to concentrate on multiplying and dividing by 3,4 and 8.

As readers, we will use a variety of texts and research tools relating to Sikhism, Ordnance Survey and the human body.

As scientists, we will investigate the skeletal structures of both humans and animals and explore the similarities and differences between them. We will also conduct experiments and use observations to discover how muscles work including the heart.

As writers, we will write instructional and information texts. We will also write a descriptive narrative to promote creativity by using a wide range of vocabulary.

As Spanish linguists, we will learn where Spain is in the world and where Spanish is spoken, use the Spanish alphabet including the phonic sounds as well as introducing basic greetings and praise words.

As artists, we introduce and hone the artistic techniques required for pen and ink, and sketching. We will utilise the skills of sewing, painting, printing and pen and ink to design Christmas cards.

As computer users, we will be looking at staying safe online and using the internet correctly.

As designers, we will design our own versions of Roti bread, which is shared by Sikh communities in their Langars (shared feast). We will also design our own versions of a variety of human and animal bones using modroc.

As musicians, we will explore traditional music of the British Isles and folk music. We will learn about the elements of music, and be able to discuss aspects of music including pitch, dynamics, tempo and articulation. We will start to learn to play the descant recorder. We will learn to recognise a range of orchestral instruments.

As sports people, we will learn the basic fundamentals of the Chinese Morning Exercise routine. We will continue to develop a broader range of skills within floor work - learning how to link balances and floor work to create a sequence of movement. In addition, we will start to understand the importance of positional discipline in Netball and how communicating is an essential part of team sport.