Summer Term

As readers, we will use a variety of texts from the school reading spine. We will use the chosen texts to expand our knowledge of foods, how things grow and where they come from. The author’s style and structure of their books will inspire our own writing.

As writers, we will write a narrative retell related to Ten Seeds by Ruth Brown. We will write a play script related to Oliver’s Vegetables by Vivian French, a recount of our school trip and first person narrative in the present tense.

As mathematicians, we will learn about fractions, time and statistics. In geometry, we will learn about position and direction.

As scientists, we will learn about how animals have offspring and what their basic needs are, the importance of exercise and hygiene, as well as how plants grow and what they need to stay healthy.

As geographers, we will learn about Dalian - a major Chinese city and compare and contrast this vastly different area of the world with places closer to home. Children will explore a vastly different culture and appreciate the world’s rich diversity of people, lives and geography.

As sports people, we will start to learn about field events such as javelin, standing long jump and many more.

As theologians, we will explore the concept of thankfulness amongst different faiths. We will look at what different faiths believe about thankfulness, what they think about it and how they live their lives to reflect this.

As computer users, we will learn how to change the appearance of text we’ve written. Also, we will be able to shrink, enlarge and rotate any images that have been added to a digital book.

As artists, we will learn how to print using a printing block and ink to create work based on the artist Grandma Moses. We will also use our newly found skills in painting, to create some work based around our theme of farming.

As citizens, in PSHE, we will learn about our bodies and keeping them safe and healthy including hygiene routines, we will learn about medicines and substances and what to do in tricky situations involving them.

As musicians, we will learn how to use gestures, good posture and breathing in our performances. We will learn how to rehearse and perform as a large group. We will explore songs and song games from around the world.

As historians, we will be comparing and contrasting the lives of significant nurses - Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell.

As designers, we will explore different mechanisms such as levers, pivots and slides to create a moving picture. In food technology, we will plan and make a healthy plate of food, through creating a specification, making and evaluating the final dish.