Spring Term

This term we will learn about "Going on a Journey" through a wide range of media including great literature such as, Emma Jane’s Aeroplane, Pirate School, Naughty Bus, Bog Baby, The Journey and All Kinds of Cars.

As readers and writers, we will use the wide range of quality texts to explore the different author’s styles and inspire our own writing.

We will continue to develop our phonic and spelling knowledge through daily Read Write Inc. sessions whilst also undertaking daily group guided reading. Through guided reading we will enjoy sharing and discussing a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. Children will develop improved fluency and the ability to summarise what they have read. They will learn to make sensible predictions, read beyond the text and answer a range of questions appropriate to the book they are reading.

As mathematicians, we will continue to practise and increase our fluency in the areas we have previously learnt. We will expand our work on number and place value by applying the skills taught last term to solve problems. We will continue to practise addition and subtraction skills when solving problems. Our times table knowledge will continue to develop duing this term. In fractions, we will begin to recognise a greater range of fractions and also look at the equivalence of different fractions. We will learn how to tell the time in quarter hour intervals and deepen our understadning of other measures such as length, temperature, mass and capacity. We will explore the properties of 2D shapes (such as symmetry) and of 3D solids (such as the number of edges and vertices). Finally, we will develop our understanding of statistics by drawing simple charts and using these to answer questions.

As scientists, we will explore how far we can make a car travel by changing the height and surface of a ramp to test the impact of friction and potential energy on its speed and distance. We will also explore air resistance and find the most effective shape for a parachute.

This term, as geographers, we will formalise our existing knowledge of continents and oceans through the study of Captain Cook and explore the language of direction. We will also compare our Commonwealth country of Canada to our own country.

As historians, we will focus on the history of road, sea and air transport. We will study the lives and achievements of George Stephenson, Captain Cook, Amy Johnson and our recent historical study will be of the Bloodhound SSC.

As designers, we will design and make a car with a moving axle and wheel. Through testing, we will then adapt and improve our cars. As a further link with our science, we will design and make our own parachute and through testing we will adapt and improve our design.

As theologians, we will look at some of the parables of Jesus. This will help us to explore the messages behind Lent, the temptation of Jesus and the symbols of Easter.

As citizens in P.S.H.E., we will learn about our identity, relationships, risk and safety, diversity and equality, power and making sure we are promoting a healthy balanced lifestyle.

As artists, will create ‘flat’ pieces of clay work with relief work on top, mix powder paints to create the colours of the colour wheel, use equipment correctly to produce a clean printed image and continue building on our artistic skills.

As computer users, we will continue to build on our research skills. We will resume our enhanced learning through focused tasks on the computer and, more importantly, continue to keep ourselves safe online and present a positive attitude towards the use of technology.

As musicians, we will sing about different types of transport. We will listen to music about musical journeys and will compose a class piece in response to this. We will explore some traditional music from Canada and think about different ways of combining our voices, such as rounds and partner songs.

As sports people, we will recap on throwing and catching and use these skills during invasion games. Additionally, we will explore the basic skills of kicking, controlling and dribbling a ball and use these skills in some invasion games.