Autumn Term

This term we will learn about Traditional Tales through a wide range of media including great literature such as: Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs, Hansel and Gretel, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Cinderella.

As readers and writers, we will compare traditional tales with more modern equivalents and take different aspects of the tales to explore in greater depth such as the bears from Goldilocks.

We will continue to develop our phonic and spelling knowledge through daily Read Write Inc. sessions whilst also undertaking daily group guided reading. Through guided reading we will enjoy sharing and discussing a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. Children will develop improved fluency and the ability to summarise what they have read. They will learn to make sensible predictions, read beyond the text and answer a range of questions appropriate to the book they are reading.

As mathematicians, we will continue to practise and increase our fluency in the areas we previously learnt in Year 1, whilst developing new skills across different areas. We will develop our knowledge of number and place value (with numbers up to 100). In our addition and subtraction work, we will continue to increase our fluency and also explore the relationship between addition and subtraction. We will begin to develop our knowledge of times tables (2x, 5x & 10x). Multiplication and division work will start to move from using objects, such as Numicon, to written methods. Our work on measures will focus on money.

As scientists, we will explore how to work scientifically. We will experiment with different materials that the Three Little Pigs use to build their house, explore the woodland to investigate living and non-living things and the habitats of animals.

As geographers, we will discover the different continents through where different bears live and sort places into their human and physical features.

As historians, we will uncover the significance of castles and why they made Britain great.

As designers, we will plan and create a puppet based on our favourite traditional tale. We will review, improve and evaluate our finished product. We will then create our very own Willow Wreath with our visiting artist.

As theologians, we will begin to understand the importance of willow wreaths in the past and the present. We will begin with the birth of Jesus and the Christmas story.

As citizens, in P.S.H.E we will learn about our identity, relationships, risk and safety, diversity and equality, power and making sure we are promoting a healthy balanced lifestyle.

As artists, we will study the work of George Seurat and replicate through our own piece of pointillism. We will continue our development of skills in pen and ink, sketching and pattern making.

As computer users, we will learn how effectively to search information through a search engine. We will create a digital book using ‘Book Creator’ and explore how to change text size, position, colour and additions such as pictures and sounds. We will enhance our learning through focused tasks on the computer. We will learn how to keep ourselves safe online and present a positive attitude towards the use of technology.

As musicians, we will explore how music is used to help tell stories, through songs and through our listening. We will learn how to tell the difference between pulse, beat and rhythm. We will work towards Harvest and Christmas performances.

As sports people, we will explore and develop the basic skills of rolling, controlling, dribbling, kicking, throwing and catching a ball and use these skills in some invasion games. We will also explore a variety of ways of travelling and focus on spatial awareness. We will balance on a variety of body parts and use body control to stimulate movement to percussion instruments. We will explore the different ways you can use large apparatus equipment.