Summer Term

The Blue Planet!

This learning overview provides an insight into the children’s learning experiences at the end of their Reception Year. The learning opportunities will also continue to be enhanced as children build up their own unique experiences and share ideas with their friends, as is the ethos of the EYFS. Through the continuous provision, children are given lots of opportunities for child-initiated investigation and play. This approach allows children to discover and test new things independently, consolidate new learning and gain a deeper understanding. This approach, we believe, helps them to become more independent through the Characteristics of Effective Learning that we are promoting: Playing and Exploring, Active Learning, Creative and Thinking Critically

Possible Lines Of Development

Water For Growth

What Do We Find In Ponds? (Lifecycles/Tadpoles)

Pirate Adventures

Under The Sea


Water For Health

Weather (Clouds/Rain)

Enquiry Questions

We start our theme by sharing a ‘talking tub’ with the children. Inside the tub we place a variety of interesting and exciting objects that children explore and talk about. We listen carefully to what the children have to say about these objects, noting what they already know, what interests them and what questions they ask. These interests and the things they want to find out lead our learning journey.

Possible Wow Days

Our school trip


School values of the term are: I can be resilient and I can be respectful

Show and Tell

Circle Time. Road Safety Programme

Moving Up and On - How we feel about our next steps into Year1.


Special Objects


Set2/3 sounds in groups

Reading/Writing Red words

Continue to develop extended writing opportunities as Spring Term.



Counting in twos/fives/tens

More addition and



Money problems

Problems involving 2s, 5s and 10s


Invasion Games (Ball skills football/hockey)

Sports Day Practice


As musicians, we will sing songs and make up our own music about the sea. We will respond to music through movement and think about how it makes us feel. We will explore patterns in music.