Brophy Text & Digital Resource List

Brophy College Preparatory Resource & Book Info for 2018-2019

Parents and Students:

Below is the list of books and resources that students will need for Brophy classes during the 2017-2018 school year. As Brophy uses more and more digital resources, and as paper textbooks become easier and cheaper to purchase online, Brophy will avail textbook lists to parents and students early enough for them to identify if they need to purchase them through online vendors or elsewhere. No books will be stocked at Brophy. For books that need to be purchased, we will list the ISBN # and a link to each book (though families can acquire any necessary book wherever they choose). Most resources will be provided for students, but in some cases students are expected to acquire the book online or at a bookstore as a required resource for the course.

Ultimately students are responsible for having required texts in class when teachers expect them.

A few notes concerning this system:

  • Only Brophy classes are represented here. Students taking classes at Xavier should find out what books are required there by visiting Xavier’s bookstore page at
  • Novels aren’t represented here, and will be announced in individual classes, per usual, with some time for students to acquire them.
  • The listed hyperlinks to online vendors are a convenience for parents and students to access if they decide to purchase the book(s) online, although they need not use that particular link if they want to purchase it elsewhere. Ultimately it doesn’t matter where parents or students acquire the book, as long as the ISBN # of the purchased book matches the ISBN # of the book listed for the class. If a link no longer works, we apologize for the inconvenience; the ISBN should allow parents and students to find the book(s) in other places via the web.
  • Students and parents should take into consideration the potential for schedule changes before acquiring any books. Graduation requirements will obviously remain in the schedule, but should students decide to change elective courses after they have purchased books, they may need to find another student to purchase the book from them, or try to re-sell the book online.
  • Please email any questions to Mr. Mica Mulloy at

Other potential costs involved:

  • PE/Weights shorts: $15. PE/Weights shirt: $10. These will be uniform requirements for PE and Weight Training classes.
  • Brophy ties: $20 (a Brophy tie is required for Mass dress. Students may use any current or past Brophy tie for Mass dress)
  • Locks are not required, but students who wish to use a lock for the lockers in the gym, pool, or 7th Street Sports Campus locker rooms must use a Brophy lock. Used locks can be purchased at the Varsity Shop on Brophy’s campus for a few dollars.