North Brooks Elementary School

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10295 Coffee Road

Morven, GA 31638




We pride ourselves on being the best that we can be every day for our students, parents, and our community. A strong dedication exists among our administration, faculty, and staff to ensure that our students are receiving a quality education while having fun. We pride ourselves on small class sizes so that our teachers can work more closely one-on-one with our students. Our school has a large supply of iPads, laptops, and Chromebooks that are used to meet the needs of our students and to challenge them using advanced technology.

Although we are a small school, we have a large family atmosphere. We employ a full-time nurse, counselor, and media specialist to support our students in all areas. All of our teachers are fully certified and highly qualified. Our teachers have the opportunity to collaboratively plan together and are involved in professional learning opportunities each week so that best practices and innovative ideas for teaching can be shared and utilized for all students.