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8th Grade

U.S. History

About Mrs. Caron-

About Mrs. Caron

I graduated from Eastern Connecticut University in 2006 with a Bachelor's Degree in History and Social Sciences with my teaching certification. I returned to Eastern and graduated in 2010 with my Master's Degree in Secondary Education.

I have been a certified teacher since February 2007. I was a long-term substitute teacher for social studies and special education at Rockville High School for a number of years and was hired as a Social Studies teacher. I stayed at home to raise my children and tutored for Thompson Public Schools for five years, before coming to Brooklyn. I have worked for Brooklyn Schools for 6 years. I was a substitute teacher for two years, then I was the Educational Resource Room teacher for 2 years. Last year I taught 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade social studies to distance learning students. I am excited to be the 8th Grade United States History Teacher!

I grew up in Coventry, RI until I was 10. I moved to Tolland, CT during Christmas vacation when I was in fourth grade. I lived in Vernon and Ashford, before I moved to Brooklyn in 2010 and I love our town. I have 2 children, Jeffrey is 11 and Madison is 9. They attend Brooklyn Schools. In the spring and fall, most days you can find me at Prince Hill watching my children at soccer practice. They like to play and I enjoy cheering them on, as well as the other Brooklyn players.

I absolutely love to read, the beach, and most importantly chocolate.

I look forward to our year of learning history together!

Units of Study-

Unit 1 - Pre-Revolutionary Times and The American Revolution

Unit 2 - Creating the American Government

Unit 3 - Launching the Republic

Unit 4 - A Changing Nation: Expansion and Industrialization

Unit 5 - Reform Movements of the Early 19th Century

Unit 6 - The Civil War Era

Course Expectations & Guidelines-

Classroom Decorum & Behavioral Expectations---

Proper behavior in the classroom is expected.

    • Do not do anything that will disrupt instruction in any way.

    • Do not leave your seat without permission

    • Raise your hand if you wish to ask a question, make a comment or raise a concern

    • Be respectful of your peers, faculty and the physical environment of the classroom.

    • Keep your hands to yourselves at all times.

Expanded Expectations and Guidelines---

  1. Conduct yourself with appropriate classroom decorum at all times. (Decorum means: dignity or correctness that is socially expected.)

  2. Be on time to class! You are considered late if you are not in your seat or logged on to your computer when class starts.

  3. You cannot go to your locker once class has started. Plan ahead.

  4. When completing group tasks, keep conversations focused on the assignment.

  5. You should be well behaved when visitors or substitute teachers are in the room. Substitutes are required to leave me very detailed notes regarding the day's activities, especially concerning student behaviors. You do not want your name on ‘the report’.

  6. Please keep your desk neat, especially in the bin underneath.

  7. If you must use the lavatory facilities, please ask before we begin class. Your time out of the classroom should only last for a few minutes.

  8. Dismissal is by instructor only. Do not line up at the door.

  9. Water bottles are allowed, but should never be a distraction to others.

  10. No gum in the classroom and electronic devices must be left in your locker.

  11. Touch classroom supplies only with my permission! When using classroom supplies, put everything back where it belongs when finished.

No whining-no excuses, all students are expected to give their best effort.