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Give to Receive Fundraiser

UPDATE: We were not awarded the grants we applied for. Historic grants are very hard to get but we will keep trying. Thank you all for your time, your donation, and for your support! Our restoration continues but at a much slower pace. For now, our focus turns to programming.

Restoration Project Narrative

Our Work

Brooklyn Preserve is dedicated to sustainable community by using its resources to provide a space and a time for all good people, ideas, and activities. Through restoration of the historic church it occupies, Brooklyn Preserve has been and shall be a community center that honors its past, faces the challenges at present, and plants seeds for the future. Working with artists and nonprofit organizations, we’ve imparted the gifts of education, art, music, and theater at little to no cost for hundreds of patrons.

Restoration work is necessary to make our mission possible. With a limited budget, we have been able to achieve as much as we can thanks to the time and dedication of the owners, founders, experts, and friends on hand. Evidence is in the Gallery - the 100 person capacity venue upstairs - which little by little has received restoration care. This month will see the final installation of its restored stained glass windows, a project that's encompassed a full year! The Gallery is in frequent use by many artists looking to prioritize accessibility. In the most expensive U.S. city to own property, our rates made it possible for even the Shakespeare theater company whose entire budget resided in an oatmeal container to afford their production of “As You Like It”. We take pride in enabling artists to keep their integrity.

Our Goal

Our goal is to open up more of this beautiful church to the public, for art-related events and for community gathering. The Sanctuary, with its beautiful mahogany handmade pews, seats 500 people, and is handicap accessible, is currently unavailable due to safety concerns. Long-term water damage has compromised the structural integrity of the 50ft-high, lathe-and-plaster, octagonal domed ceiling. The bathrooms have also sustained much water damage, have 100 year-old pipes, and are not ADA compliant. The bell tower still needs work. At this time we are estimating an amount of $180,000 to revitalize The Sanctuary and its adjoining spaces. It’s an investment that will serve for generations to come.

Restoration Project Estimates

(Estimates updated as quotes come in)

  • Sanctuary - $88,000
    • Scaffolding - $50,000
    • Drywall - $20,000
    • Paint - $10,000
    • Pews - $8,000
  • Bell Tower - $8,000
  • Bathrooms - $55,000
  • Entryway - $25,000