Welcome to Brooklyn Preserve! Our event venue - The Gallery - is located up a flight of stairs inside a historic church. There is no elevator. Please dress warmly if you get cold easily. There is no heat in this portion of the building and it can be quite cold in winter months. In hotter temperatures, due to the lathe and plaster, the entire building actually remains a few degrees cooler than outside. It may not be in tip top shape yet, but we are here for the longterm well-being of the building, so please take care when you visit.

The Organization:

Brooklyn Preserve strives to support a healthy community by providing a time and a place for the operation of impactful and inclusive nonprofits. Our goal is to encourage expression and communication through the arts, give service where there is need, and restore this historic building as a cornerstone for the community.

Fallon's Story:

I started playing the piano at about the age of 4, and a year or so later I was easily tinkering out Bach's Inventions by memory whilst miraculously multitasking in conversation without missing a note, probably complaining to my mom about how I did not want to be playing the piano and preferred to be riding my bike outside. At this moment my mom realized she had struck Asian mom gold and quickly thrust my second instrument, the violin, on me. That, too, came pretty easily. Had I known better, I would have faked being horrible at both instruments to get my wish of being outdoors. Kidding! Growing up in the world of music taught me the immense power of art and expression, self-discipline, and how to practice the violin while watching my TV programs on mute by reading the CC. When I completed my graduate degree in music, I chose to live a quiet country life in the beautiful cold of New Zealand (yay outside!), before being brought back by circumstance to California. Brooklyn Preserve was born from a feeling and a good deal of fate. Without a clear vision of what needed to be done, it was obvious that something needed to be done, and there was no time to waste in getting there. A sudden opportunity to purchase a deteriorating historic landmark in Oakland instigated a good deal of research on this Brooklyn Presbyterian Church. I was blown away by the impact the congregation had over a hundred-year span, shaping its neighboring residents into good people with good community. Reading their history sparked in me the desire to bring back tradition as a way of practicing core values, supporting collective memory, and facilitating self sufficiency. So that's what we're working on, little by little, mistake by mistake, moment by moment.


If you have anything you are willing to offer Brooklyn Preserve, we are very grateful of your consideration. Our most pressing needs are below:

  • Restoration of the oldest and largest stained glass windows of Oakland. Approx $300,000
  • Properly installed gutters and french drains to prevent the ample amount of water running off the new roof from funneling back into the foundation. Approx $15,000
  • Grant editor - If you have experience writing grants, whether for the arts or for federal funding, your expertise would help us improve our grant applications
  • Social media/news Guru - If you're all about empowering the community through social media, we would love someone to engage with passion on our facebook and instagram
  • Volunteer - If you have a little extra time to take on a small task, let us know! We'll contact you if the need arises.

Please do not hesitate to email service@brooklynpreserve.com if you would like to help :)