June 30, 2019

Hey hey! Our free monthly reading series, Play by Play, is taking on a new form. We are putting on a production in September 2020, a culmination of 3-4 chosen One Act Plays from our monthly sessions.

Sessions begin September this year and end May next, giving playwrights plenty of time to write something new! We welcome especially plays with strong women roles and those supporting the diversity of our locality.

Everyone is invited to attend our reading sessions. Please let us know by email if you are interested in submitting a play, so we can plan accordingly and make sure this is a viable program. fallon@brooklynpreserve.com or joffer@juno.com

Looking forward to new plays 2020.

March 22, 2019

Happy Spring!!!

As we come out of the cold slumber of winter, the smell of sunshine and new growth is in the air, reminding us that California does have seasons, in its own way. Here at Brooklyn Preserve, that means plans for the upcoming year of shows are being solidified, and we are seriously thinking about the direction and growth of our programming.

When I started this organization, in my heart I wanted to create a space for us to redefine tradition, stripping it of it's biased and prejudiced beliefs, healing us from generations of damage we've inherited as a result. A space that allows us to find our purpose in this world, amongst our own community. A space that continually opens our minds, so that we are kept rapt in the mystery of life. Those were such abstract concepts that I had no idea where to begin, so we decided we would offer what we could, tangibly, which was affordable space for artists to come and touch on aspects of what was intended. I love it and want to keep doing that, but I would also like to take steps to move towards a more vast communal dream. What that requires, is you.

We are looking for passionate advocates to join us in creating programming and engaging our neighbors. We welcome all people from all backgrounds and experiences. At this time, your volunteer spirit is appreciated. If you feel ready to lead, to gather resources, and to make an impact on the world you live in, don't hesitate to send an email or set up a meeting. I want to hear your story and your ideas, and together plan how to make it happen.

Gentrification is upon us. The desire for investors and development groups to grow their money puts stress on an insecure government and poorly planned infrastructure, causing problems to synergize and explode. Those who need the most support are not given it, and they are punished and blamed for the behaviors their options as discarded citizens left them. Some see gentrification as "opportunity for growth" but it is really "*unfair* opportunity for growth". The truth is, when bad energy is passed down from the top, it will turn itself out on the bottom. Those at the top, making the decisions and shaping our world, will not stop making their self-serving decisions. Looking up for relief, to our leaders, is a possibility, but always a temporary one. The only way to take our power back as the shapers and creators of our own world is as individuals - conscious individuals - united, focused, and with truly heartfelt intent to want everything for everyone. Not just our self. We have to stop thinking with the fears that the top instills in us (competition, survival, lack, blame, guilt), and start listening to our hearts. Where does your value lie? What brings you true joy? Move through the world with actions that resonate from there, not the fears we've been conditioned to govern our actions.

November 24, 2018

Giving Tuesday is around the corner and we hope you'll donate a bit of your savings from Black Friday towards our restoration fundraiser. Participate in a soothing sound bath by Ceri or purchase a luxurious blanket to keep warm this winter. You can even leave your blanket here for exclusive use at our events! Details below.

Facebook and Paypal are matching donations up to a capped amount, so please donate early on Nov 27!

Click to donate: Facebook link & Paypal link

Leave us a note.

November 2, 2018

"Give to Receive" Fundraiser

Brooklyn Preserve needs your help to service the community by restoring this historic landmark as a gathering place and cornerstone once again. Visit our donation page for more information - like how to become an ambassador!

Links: Facebook / Paypal

October 28, 2018


Yes. Yes you do. Help us with our Give to Receive Fundraiser over the next year by donating in this amazoningly passive way!

Every little bit counts.

Bookmark https://smile.amazon.com after choosing us, so your browser autofills when you search for amazon goodies!

August 22, 2018

The fruits of our labor.

The most damaged of the stained glass windows: suffering breaks, missing pieces, crumbling cames, broken ties... just take a look at the August 11, 2017 post... has been REBORN. The process of assembling the work of art that is stained glass has not changed over the ages, and to witness this process has been amazing and humbling. To study the swirls of color and the jewels up close brings so much appreciation for the details of the art. Many many thanks to Greer Ashman! She is a master at her craft. And also thanks to our carpenter who rebuilt the frame and trim, and the guys at Hansens who rebuilt the sashes. It takes good people to accomplish such work.

Truly organized.


Let there be light.

---For more restoration pics, videos, and inspiration, follow us @brooklynpreserve on Instagram!

July 19, 2018

We are disposable.

I get asked a lot why I'm doing what I'm doing. People are looking, I think, for a specific story or a life-changing event to explain this undertaking. No one can see why a person would choose to serve a community over serving themselves, especially when God has nothing to do with it, and I'm putting my possessions and comfort at risk.

The world we live in has slowly yet surely strayed from the inherent value in life. It has been replaced with a value that is measured by what we own, what we're good at, and who we know. It's net worth is determined by comparing these things to the lives of others. We have been raised, programmed, and reinforced to believe that we are here to be judged, and to judge others, based on how much money we make, how much time we spend making money, and how we spend our money. This overarching monetary-based system of values has made us very unhappy. Unhappy with ourselves to the point where almost all marketing is geared towards our number one fantasy: escape. Escape from a life that must not actually be so valuable, if we readily seek and consume the advertisements selling freedom, entertainment, reward, and pleasure. Social media has added yet another muddled layer to our value system, where our personalities are reduced into readily-analyzed profiles, exchanging thoughts and emotions through a network designed to reward our egos with "likes", turning our lives into real and imagined marketable products.

Money makes us feel. Money rights wrongs. Money dictates Time. Money is... life? Have we made it human? If money is disposable, then so are we.

No. We are not. I write these reflections to bring awareness to the belief and value systems we may or may not know we have adopted and live in. I know we can't stop worrying about money. It is our currency of exchange. But when you stop to think that everything we need to survive, thrive, and be happy is right here on this Earth, and that currency is a man-made system, it changes the way you see the world and what you value, one iota at a time.

We can choose to be motivated by intrigue, love, and our hearts. We can choose innocence. We can choose to live from the purity of curiosity and wonder. We can choose to uproot every belief system imposed on us, passed down to us, marketed to us, and instead believe in ourselves. The only way to bring happiness to the world is to live your truth from the depths of your pure, wild heart. But first, you must take the leap to find it. Go find your heart. Let's make this world a better place.

May 29, 2018

PLAY BY PLAY, held the last Sunday of every month, is a "new playwrights" reading series, hosted by Brooklyn Preserve, where playwrights can submit their works to be read out loud by actors or anyone interested in trying their hand at reading a part. We will make copies for folks to follow along, so it would be nice to know if you're coming or would like to read a role!

Our intention is to involve the community to participate - whether to try something new, for the love of story telling, or to ask questions. We also want to give playwrights a chance to receive feedback on their work from their peers and the audience. We're open to suggestions and ideas - let us know if you have any.

This is a laid back affair, FREE to all attendees thanks to The Puffin Foundation. We are here to support the art and foster creativity. If you have any questions or would like to submit a play, please contact Judith Offer: joffer@juno.com.

February 12, 2018

A project that received zero notice on facebook (#socialmediaalgorithms), has given rise for the need of a NEWSLETTER. If you'd like to sign up for our monthly "Happy-nings" to receive art/performance/cool events and our own programmed inspired-by-you projects, please fill out our sign-up form.

Here is the project, please participate!

I invite you all to share: What is the one thing you would like the world to know? We are thinking in terms of incredible depth and honesty. What does your soul want to say? What utterance would lighten your burden? What wisdoms do you have to offer those who have not walked your path? There are no wrong answers.

We will use your words as art, on display, and part of a series of interactive communication, to enliven and spark all who choose to open their minds and give compassion to ideas and worlds that they were not aware of, or feared, or ignored. It is a chance to tell your journey, of what has brought you here and where you hope to go.

This is what makes our world beautiful: the difference between us all. We each have something to bring to the table, in our own way, and in our own light. So shouldn’t we share it? Be who we really are?

Send an email to service@brooklynpreserve.com or even give me a ring if that’s what feels right to you: 510-560-3184 and I will do my best to transcribe your story. Leave a message if I don’t pick up. Artists! If you'd like to be involved, please send an introductory email.

Thanks for reading, as always. And thank you especially for participating. We are all in this together.

Nov 17, 2017

Click HERE to support our Stage Lighting Fundraiser!! Thank you!!

Nov 9, 2017

Communication is so incredibly important. It’s all we have between one another; the medium in which we connect, with the ultimate goal of trying to express who we are and in turn putting ourselves in others shoes. Communication determines how we are perceived and how we bring our light into this world. I admit, I don’t communicate as eloquently and comprehensively as I’d like, but at least I try to communicate with integrity.

Integrity is why the sudden end of this shared journey has been so hard to process; so taxing mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. Half of this journey was paved entirely without integrity, morality, or respect. And I’ve been a fool to walk the path. I made excuses, ignored the warnings of my peers, and looked past the red flags, all in the hopes that words would come to fruition, one day… in the end, I let charm lead me to destruction.

Here is the lesson from my experience: Trust is earned, not by promises, nor money thrown your way, but by the way someone treats you, and the morals that they practice, not preach. The truth is in their actions and the way they communicate. Believe me here: your gut is always right. If your head is constantly soothing the worries of your heart, it is wrong. Listen to your heart, your intuition, your soul, and listen hard because it speaks so much softer than your head does.

Brooklyn Preserve will no longer be the home/partner of Neighborhood Play Garden and I announce this with sadness yet relief. My intention to offer community and arts-centered programs to spur intergenerational communication is still a very passionate pursuit, it will just have to be done through another channel, and it may or may not involve child care. If you have any ideas, thoughts, questions, or comments, feel free to send them our way.

Thanks -Fallon (executive director)

Aug 11, 2017

We have a very big announcement to make! Brooklyn Presbyterian Church is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, recognized by the National Park Services as a historic building. This is a huge achievement to preserving one of Oakland's largest historic landmarks and brings an additional layer of respect to this church.

To celebrate, work has begun to restore the most badly damaged stained-glass windows which are located in the Gallery. Greer Ashman, our local conservator and cat-lover, is giving history and Brooklyn Preserve a generous show of support by lending her expertise and documenting the restoration process. Here are some "before" pics!

June 11, 2017

In brief Brooklyn Preserve news, work on the building has come to a momentary pause. If you’re wondering when the tarp on the bell tower is coming off, I can only answer “When its time. Though probably within the next two months”. The funds originally intended to finish said work had to be shifted to painting the back exterior in order for the daycare to proceed with their plans, which required proper lead-abatement for the future backyard/playground. The paint job looks amazing – like a new church! – but unfortunately the back is not exposed to public view. Next up on the list are THE GALLERY WINDOWS. Stained glass restoration is a ridiculously time-consuming process. Without proper maintenance over the past 100 years, this will take quite some time. Stay tuned!

April 2, 2017

What an entrance of spring! Through the harsh winter and second wave of El Nino, work at Brooklyn Preserve was grueling, wet, and more wet. We were quite worried with the ongoing deluge, but it ended up being a good opportunity to test out the new roof and get a better scope of where water was still finding its way in. With nearly 15,000 sq ft of roof at impossibly steep inclines, I have to commend the men of Moctezuma Roofing, who, working with our carpenter, did a really, really fine job. Thanks guys.

With more sunny days in the forecast, we are all sprung (hehe) to tackle the next big restoration: the bell tower! The bell was carted over from Troy, NY, a little while before the railroad lines reached out this far. The town was quiet enough for the bell's clear tones to ring out and echo back "from the foothills down through the valley" (Oakland Tribune, 1961). That was a longggg time ago.

Here's the bell! Fun fact: pigeons will nest in the same spot for generations. Even though the holes they used to gain access inside the tower have been closed off, we still see them landing on the steeple with confused looks on their pigeon faces.

Art/Community Happenings

The Ubuntu Theater Project has made this historic church their home for their 2017 season of productions. It's been a whirlwind of designing sets in respect to the historic space, sticky electrical situations, and lots and lots of rehearsing. They are a new company with amazing philosophy, great talent, and maintain the passion and perseverance to bring voice to the voiceless. If you like plays, theater, or want to watch something that's not on a screen, please come to a production! It's affordable and they tell captivating stories.

We are Here

If you have any questions at all, or any input as Brooklyn Preserve continues to feel its way to fully functioning status, please send an email to service@brooklynpreserve.com. We have open minds.