About Us

Our Mission Statement:

Students Unite! strives to be unwavering and persistent in seeking justice for the lives that have been lost due to relentless systemic oppression in both our local and global communities. Our goal as a youth-led collective is to create change and transformation of the systems that are not working for all people. We seek to inspire and connect youth so that we may recognize and utilize the potential we each hold to speak out against injustice.

Why We Formed:

Students Unite! is a group of students founded in May 2020 by Cyrah, Kayla, Loane, Bebe, Alani and Evelyn, six members of the Brooklyn Friends School (BFS) Class of 2021 in collaboration with members of the 2:23 Foundation and the BFS Office of Service Learning & Civic Engagement. In the beginning, this group came together to support and partner with the 2:23 Foundation, which was formed to gain justice for Ahmaud Arbery, who was murdered at age 25 by two white men, while jogging in Brunswick, Georgia on February 23rd, 2020. We are inspired and extremely moved by the 2:23 Foundation and we stand in solidarity with all of the team members and the campaign they’ve created to uplift the memory of Ahmaud. Our partnership with the team has since inspired the work we do, the conversations we have, and the efforts we take to make much needed strides towards the systematic change that our country needs.

What We Do:

Students Unite! works to create active spaces where young people can bring attention to the pressing justice issues that we want to address, and work together to help influence the change we would like to see. Through the events and action opportunities that we organize, we create space for discussions that demonstrate the often-overlooked power and resilience of youth, in addition to the great things that are possible with the support of adults who are committed to meaningful change.

The Role of Adults:

While our efforts are student-led, we also encourage the engagement and partnership of adults within our many communities. We emphasize the role and influence of educators (both inside and outside of the classroom), and ask that they support students in any way they can. We encourage educators to create and support brave spaces for students and leave room for honesty and vulnerability.