For Children

  • Puzzle Buzz - A fantastic magazine of visual, number, and word puzzles for young children (ages 4-7) published by Highlights magazine.
  • MathMania - An terrific magazine of math puzzles for older children (ages 7+) published by Highlights magazine. Each magazine features a range of puzzles for various ages on different math topics such as number codes, coordinates, geometry, and logic.
  • Math for Smarty Pants - by Marilyn Burns
  • The I Hate Mathematics! Book - by Marilyn Burns
  • Go Figure! A Totally Cool Book About Numbers - by Johnny Ball
  • I Can KenKen!: 75 Puzzles for Having Fun with Math - by Will Shortz and Tetsuya Miyamoto. KenKen number and logic puzzles that are accessible for children (best for grades 2-4). Available in 3 volumes (Volume 1: Addition Only. Volume 2: Multiplication Only. Volume 3: Addition and Subtraction).
  • Number Junctions, Coin Clues, Code Breakers, Logic Links and other excellent math puzzle books from Mindware. This company specializes in "brainy toys for kids of all ages" and also sells fun math related card and board games.