PTA Photos 2019-2020

PTA September Meeting FlyerPhoto of Principal Shernell Thomas-Daley speaking to parentsParents giving a presentation to other parentsPhoto of students speakingPhoto of students speaking 2Photo of parentsPhoto of parents 2Photo of parents 3Photo of a presentation to the parentsPhoto of a presentation to the parents 2Photo of a presentation to the parents 3Photo of parents 4Photo of a parent holding Trident GumPhoto of students holding Trident GumPTA November Meeting FlyerParents doing a presentationParent Coordinator speaking to parentsBCA Prinicpal Thomas-Daley speaks to parents during the potluckStudent DJ Parents lined up to grab some foodStudents waiting to serve foodStudents waiting to serve food 2Student picking foodStudents waiting to serve food 3Students serving foodParents eating foodParents eating food 2Parents eating food 3Parents and children eating foodEveryone eating foodParent feeding a baby foodParent and child eatingPersonal Care products on a decorated tablePTA December Meeting FlyerCarousel imageCandy SleighToys and other gifts on a tableToys on a tablePTA Secretary and a parent raffle winnerPTA Secretary and a student raffle winnerPTA Secretary and raffle winnerNail polish display on a tableBCA PTA and Parent Coordinator photoBreakfast spread on a tableMs. Rennis speaking to parentsMs. Rennis speaking to parents 2A parent speaking to the parents in attendanceCarousel imageAll the toys that were donated inside bagsThe PTA dropping off the toys at a shelterA man accepting the toys with his thumbs upBCA PTA posing for a photo with the donated toysPTA January Meeting FlyerBCA Parent Coordinator speaking to parentsPTA members speaking to parentsBreakfast spread and PTA "Made in Brooklyn" T-Shirts on a tablePiles of magazines on a tableA parent and student going through newspapers and magazinesA parent going through a magazineA parent cutting out a photo from a magazineStudents cutting out photos from magazinesStudents posing for a photoParents posing for a photoA parent displaying their vision boardParents displaying their vision boardTwo students displaying their vision boardA parent and their child display their vision boardA parent and their children display their vision boardA parent and their child displaying their vision boardTwo students displaying their vision boardThree students displaying their vision boardA parent displaying their vision boardA parent and their child displaying their vision boardA smiling parent displays their vision boardPTA President displays her vision board

PTA Photos 2018-2019

PTA Executive MembersPTA Photo CollageParents talkingParents listening to the presenterPhoto of ParentsParents listeningPTA president talking to parentsParents presentingStudents at the sign-in tablePresentation to parentsStudents and Teachers photoParents doing a physical exerciseTeacher and student address the parentsTeacher and student addressing the parents 2Photo of parent and studentStudents projecting a video on the smartboardstudents serving food (thanksgiving potluck)parents learn about cooking food (thanksgiving potluck)chef gives parents soup (thanksgiving potluck)students speaking to parents (thanksgiving potluck)decorated table with raffle prizes (thanksgiving potluck)students pose with thumbs up (thanksgiving potluck)students posing by the food (thanksgiving potluck)parent laughingraffle prize winner (thanksgiving potluck)raffle prize winner 2 (thanksgiving potluck)raffle prize winner 3 (thanksgiving potluck)parent and chef shaking handsparent coordinator posingparents posing with their thumbs upCarousel imagepta executive members (december)pta executive members with gifts on table (december)photo of parent (december)toy drive giftstoy drive gifts on the table (december)photo of presenter (december)students speaking to parents (december)parent coordinator speaks to parents (december)photo of parents (december)parents listening (december)Ms. Rennis's presentation (december)Ms. Rennis's presentation 2 (december)Ms. Rennis's presentation 3 (december)students by the sign-in table (december)raffle prizes (december)raffle winner (december)raffle winner 2 (december)raffle winner 3 (december)raffle winner 4 (december)raffle winner 5 (december)photo of boy and parent (december)toy drive 2  (december)toys being delivered to shelter  (december)student lifting bags of toys (december)moving toys up the ramp (december)Posing for a photo after delivering toys (december)