Sadie Smart & Emily Devorsetz, 1984, May 2019

Julia Zeh, Maya Angelou quote, June 2019

Hailey Osika. Winnie The Pooh, June 2019

The Brookfield High School WRITING CENTER is located in Room 307. Our mission is to support students in the development of writing skills and to help them craft individual writing assignments.

- Peer-run by trained tutors who offer help with pre-writing, thesis statements, organization, development, style, and editing.

- We will help students express their thoughts and organize their facts, but we do not provide students with these thoughts and facts.

- We share our love of writing by helping others at every stage of the writing process.

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Mission Statement:

Our goals are to support student writing in all disciplines and to support teachers in their instruction and enrichment of all learners. The Writing Center will enhance learning by creating graduates with a strong mastery of written expression as part of their profile of achievement. We recognize that the development of writing skills is a key aspect of success for post-secondary education and career preparation.

We give tours! Bring your class to our location and we'll show you around. Meet our skilled and friendly tutors who are just waiting to help you with all your composition questions or dilemmas.


We have a pretty fabulous art gallery on the ceiling! This unusual collection began in December 2013 when Senior Daniel Dixon ('14) asked if he could somehow connect his art project to the Writing Center. Might he paint something on our walls? Our wall space in that original Writing Center room (208) was quite limited, so the idea of creating something new (a popular book jacket) painted on ceiling tiles came to life. The finished project, the To Kill a Mockingbird tile, was received so well (and Dan enjoyed his work so much) that before he had graduated in June 2014, Dan finished four more pieces. (see next)

Dan Dixon's subsequent tiles : The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Curious George, Lord of the Flies, and Mockingjay.

April 2014

May 2014

June 2014

When Charlie Smart ('14) and Allegra Jordan ('15) were observing Dan's ever-growing collection, they began to ask if they could work on a collaborative piece. Where the Wild Things Are was then completed, and to this day, it is the only tile that was planned and executed in a landscape, rather than portrait, format.

Allegra continued her effort by completing Of Mice and Men in Feb 2015.

Soon, other younger classmates were inspired to paint. The following fall, Lindsey Scholten ('15) painted The Cat in the Hat during her senior year. Lindsey didn't consider herself to be much of an artist, but we all know that her finished Cat is a favorite among the others.

The next tile completed was Harry Potter, painted by Emma Morton ('18) during the 2nd semester of her sophomore year, Feb 2016. When we moved the Writing Center location from Room 208 to Room 231, we noticed that Emma's tile needed a fix. The new ceiling grid was a bit wider than the old one, so Harry Potter was in danger of falling. A long, narrow strip of tile material had to be cemented to the original tile so that Harry could be safely installed in the new room.

Soon after, Julia Rhyins ('16) and Sarah Lyon ('16) each produced new additions to the gallery. Julia's The LIttle Prince was finished in May 2016 and Sarah completed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo just in time for her graduation in June.

Sarah Lyon & The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

One of our mathematics tutors, Fazil Quaisar ('17), added a new piece in his senior year, and so The Kite Runner came to life over our heads. It's noted that Fazil was unhappy with the proportion of Amir's arms, so he needed "encouragement" as he was finishing. To those of us who are not skilled artists, Fazil's work looks just perfect.

The story of the ceiling tiles continues on. In the spring of 2018, Vanessa Blas ('18)) was looking for a project for her English class. The assignment was to learn a new skill and execute a finished project based on that skill. Vanessa asked if it would be feasible to learn to paint and accomplish a tile for our Writing Center. She selected One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest as her subject and finished the painting in early May 2018.

Amber Howe's ('18) rendition of The Giving Tree was a bit challenging because the book jacket's shorter-in-length format didn't translate well to the configuration of the ceiling tiles. To solve this problem, a zig-zag red line was added at the top and bottom, to "frame" the main design, but when all was said and done, that zig-zag addition diminished the artistry of Amber's work. So the line was eradicated with several coats of white paint. Late in May 2018, Amber's finished work was installed.

Logan Powell ('18) decided to tackle the challenging The Great Gatsby iconic design. As the end of senior year was coming to a close, Logan was having difficulty finding time to work on Gatsby. This tile has the distinction of being the only piece to be finished by a Writing Center artist after the artist graduated. Logan spent the Tuesday after graduation 2018 painting on the final touches.

We look forward to the gallery's future and wonder which artist will add to it next.

During the 2018-19 school year, three new ceiling tiles were added.

Sadie Smart and Emily Devorsetz wanted to collaborate on a book title that they both enjoyed. The design of the 1984 cover really appealed to them and presented just enough artistic challenge to meet their abilities. (Neither one of them professed to be an artist, but they ardently wanted to be part of the legacy of this collection.) This tile was completed @May 2019. It's a "standout" b/c of its bold red color, making it unique among the other completed pieces.

The next ceiling tile was a total departure from everything that had come before. It's the very first painting that is NOT a book title. This Maya Angelou LOVE quote (from her Facebook page, Jan 2013) has come to life overhead through the talented artistry of Julia Zeh. Julia began with the bare quote and transformed it/adorned it/calligraphied it. Each day we watched it grow, not knowing how it would ultimately turn out. Julia had a vision and the result is pretty spectacular.

The final ceiling tile to be completed during the 2018-19 school year was one chosen by Hailey Osika. Being a big Winnie The Pooh fan, Hailey wanted to find a design that she could execute during the last weeks of school before graduation. She labored over the details in this particular cover, spending extra time during the school schedule to get it all right. Its delicate lines, subtle shading, and sunny yellow now enrich the Writing Center sky. Thanks, Hailey, for leaving this marvelous Pooh with us as you left for college. <3